Airlines are established with the sole purpose of offering a service between city pairs, thereby adding value to the country. However, a country as dense and expansive as India - with a population of over a billion people, and an area of over 3 million square kilometres, annually flies only one percent of its population, domestically.

That is where we see ourselves adding value. Value for the traveller who today has no cost effective air service between many city pairs. Value for the time that will be saved in a direct air connect.

We're here today to offer a service that clearly differentiates us from other airlines. We're not merely referring to the network service that we'll offer. We're also referring to the way in which we treat our customers from the time they decide to travel with us, becoming our guests. And we'd love to treat our guests the way we treat our family - with love, grace, and promptness.

Which is why we'll not just take you from one city to another in the highest safety standards there can be, but we'd also ensure a smooth travel experience and serve you a delightful meal or a snack on board every flight of ours. Part of this experience will be in the comfort of one of the most modern, comfortable and safest regional jetliners today - the Embraer E-jets.

When you fly with us, you'll discover a whole new world of air travel. A world that connects worlds, in the shortest possible time. A world that promises you comfort and ease in travel, saving you time. A world that revolves around time conscious and prompt yet warm service. Because, we value your time.

But we don't add unnecessary cosmetic layers to our service. Because we value your money as much as we value your time. Our service is founded on the sole vision of facilitating you, our guest, to fly with ease with the highest value for money.

Which is why there are low cost airlines, and there are full service airlines. And then, there's FLYeasy. When you value your time and money.

Travel Smart.

Why us?

India's number one travel agent with an experience of over 38 years in travel and hospitality industry of India, we have a very slight chance of error when it comes to show "Incredible India".

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6E Central Market, Ashok Vihar,
Delhi - 110052, INDIA

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