Ahmednagar Dinning

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The everyday food of Ahmednagar people constitutes of typical and simple Maharashtrian cuisine. Being located in the very interiors of Maharashtra, the rural values and ethos are even reflected in the everyday food of Ahmednagar people. Here is a brief look at which all Maharashtrian cuisines Ahmednagar people love the most.


Chapati, Bhakri and Bhaji
Chapati, Bhakri and Bhaji along with rice & dal/amti are pretty much the basic staple of most Ahmednagar people. Bhakri, which is losing popularity in neighboring cities like Mumbai and Pune, is still very much popular in this part of the world. Among Bhaji’s, all traditional Maharashtrian Bhajis like Batata ani Flower cha Rassa, Batata chi Bhaji, Vaangi chi Bhaji, Chavalichi bhaji, Bhindi chi Bhaji etc are cooked almost everyday in Ahmednagar households.

One very distinct thing about Ahmednagar food is that it exudes with earthly fragrance; as if it is freshly brought from nearby farm land. This is equally true about all the small cities and town located in rural Maharashtra, which obviously makes the food very delicious.


Non vegetarian Cuisines in Ahmednagar

Non vegetarian food and cuisine are equally very important part of the basic staple of Ahmednagar people. The inception of non vegetarian cuisines in Ahmednagar region really began with the beginning of many Muslim dynastic reigns. Chicken Biryani, Mutton Biryani, Chicken Masala, Kabab and many other non veg dishes, which flourished during medieval era, is relished even today by Ahmednagar people with great pleasure. Besides, special non vegetarian restaurants are available across the city.

Street food and Fast food in Ahmednagar

Ahmednagar also has a pretty vibrant street food culture. All the popular Maharashtrian fast foods like Vada Pav, Batata Bhaji¸ Kanda Bhaji and Misal Pav are sold here by hordes of street vendors. However, here one will rarely find Pani Puri. Bhel Puri stall here. As for, which fast food is the basic staple of Ahmednagar people, then Kanda Poha and Upma are widely cooked breakfast items in Ahmednagar household.

Sweet Dishes in Ahmednagar

Everyone loves sweet dishes and Ahmednagar people are of course no exception. Puran Poli Sheera – typical Maharashtra sweet dishes – are equally popular in this part of the world. They are mainly cooked during auspicious festivals like Holi and Diwali. Modak, which is cooked mainly during Ganesh Chaturthi, is another very popular sweet dish here. Besides, sweet dishes like Shrikhand and Gajar ka Halwa are equally popular here.

Ahmednagar city, one of the emerging cities of Maharashtra is no exception either. Today it is home to hordes of restaurants, ranging from veg to no veg to sea food restaurants etc. Below we’ve complied a complete list of some of the leading and renowned veg restaurants in Ahmednagar city. These restaurants have been serving Ahmednagar people for many years now and have built quite a reputation for themselves.


There are some Vegetarian Non Vegetarian Restaurants in Ahmednagar:-

Vegetarian Restaurants

New Sweet Home
Shilpa Apartments, Opposite TVS Bhansali, Nagar Pune Road,
Ahmednagar Ho, Ahmednagar – 414001
Phone no: (0241) 2324690.

Hotel Mahendra Pedhawala
Mahendra Pedewala, Vedant Nagar Premdan Chowk, Nagar Manmad Road,
Savedi Road, Ahmednagar - 414001
Phone no: (0241) 2345700.

Meghnand Lawns & Restaurant
Nagar Manmad Road, Savedi,
Ahmednagar – 414003
Phone no: (0241) 2417306.

Hotel Iris Premiere
Opposite Anandrishiji Hospital,
Station Road , Burudgaon Road,
Ahmednagar Ho, Ahmednagar - 414001
Phone no: (0241) 2327000.

Singh Residency Hotel
Chowk, Near Tarakpur Bus Stand, Nagar Shirdi Road,
Ahmednagar Ho,
Ahmednagar - 414001
Phone no: (0241) 2431616.


Non Vegetarian Restaurants

Vijay Hotel

Station Road ,Old Vasant Talkies, Ahmednagar,
Maharashtra ( South Central West East North )-414001
Land Mark : Opp Central Bus Stand  
Contact No. 7053111982

Hotel Paradise
Nandanvan Road, Sukkar Chowk,
Ahmednagar, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra ( SouthCentralWestEastNorth )-414001
Contact No.  7053111798

Hotel Sagar Restaurant & Bar
Shriram Chowk, Pipeline Road ,Ahmednagar, Ahmednagar,
Maharashtra ( SouthCentralWestEastNorth )-414001
Contact No.  7053111531

4/29 ,Margdarshan Chs N S Phadke,
Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra ( West )-400069
Land Mark : Near To Regency Hotel
Contact. 90290 85577

Little Italy Ahmednagar

Little Italy Ahmednagar ,Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Woodlands Restaurant - Saibaba International Hotel

Woodlands Restaurant - Saibaba International Hotel ,Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Panchsheel Park

Panchsheel Park ,Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Meghnand Laun & Restaurant

Meghnand Laun & Restaurant ,Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Amar Pure Veg

Amar Pure Veg ,Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Smile Stone

Smile Stone ,Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Hotel Sachin

Hotel Sachin ,Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

The cake shop

The cake shop ,Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Rangoli Family Garden

Rangoli Family Garden ,Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

Hotel Dream Pure Veg.

Hotel Dream Pure Veg. ,Ahmednagar, Maharashtra

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