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Aizawl is the capital of the state of Mizoram in India. With a resident population of 293,416,it is the largest city in the state. It is also the centre of administration containing all the important government offices, state assembly house and civil secretariat. The population of Aizawl strongly reflects the different communities of the ethnic Mizo people.In 1871-72, the disorderly conduct of Khalkom, a Mizo chief, compelled the British to establish an outpost that later became the Aizawl village.In 1890, officer Dally of the Assam Police and his 400 men arrived at Aizawl to support Colonel Skinner's troops during a British military operation against the Mizo tribals.

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Eating out in Aizawl is restricted to savouring a meal at the hotel you put up or at the local restaurants, which are limited in number.Predominantly, you will find non-vegetarian restaurants. Most of the restaurants offer North Indian, Chinese and continental dishes. You may like to check out David’s Kitchen, if you want to savour some delicious non vegetarian food or try the local cuisines of Mizoram.The Curry Pot is the restaurant for vegetarians and the food served here is North Indian. There are in-house restaurants in Hotel Royale and Hotel Chief, where you will get continental food such as pizza and burger.

Aizawl is a simple city that effortlessly bowls you over with its incredible charm and beautiful landscape. Contoured hills, colored rhododendrons, clear blue skies and swirling mist elevates the beauty of this scenic place to dizzying heights. The quaint city of Aizawl is all about natural splendor, great music, festive jubilations and lip-smacking cuisine. Besides touring, another great way to while away your time is by strolling down the famous bazaars and picking up some regional specialties of this place. Although Aizawl doesn't boast of too many shopping attractions, regional attractions like wicker baskets, hand woven traditional attires, finely woven shawls and bamboo souvenirs definitely tops the list of must-buy attractions.

If you are looking for souvenirs when you go on a shopping expedition, buy the Khumbeu ceremonial bamboo hat, made of waterproof wild Hnathial leaves. Bara Bazaar is the main market, where all you can buy handicraft and handloom items. The other shopping centres are New Market, Ritz Market, Bazar Bungkawn, Thakthing Bazar, Burma Lane and Solomon Cave.

Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram, lies perched precariously on a sharp ridge. It is an ideal hill station for those who are looking for a quiet vacation and a pollutant free environment and a temperate climate that is year round. Aizawl has something of the feel of a Himalayan hill station although it affords a view of the hills rather than the mountains. White churches dot the landscape and there is little doubt that the city is devoutly Christian. Women wear a multihued wrap around skirt – for a moment you’ll wonder if you are in a South American city.

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