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Akola is a city in the state of Maharashtra located in the Vidarbha region of West India. It is situated in the Amaravvati division.Akola, also called Cotton City, is known for its cotton production and is the largest cotton-producing district in India. The city is also famous for its pulses (dal), oil, and textile mills. Akola is also known for its medical facilities. It is a major center for advanced medical treatments, such as the Elizarov Technique, IVF.Akola District along with the rest of the Berar province was part of the legendary kingdom of Vidarbha mentioned in the Mahabharata. Berar also formed part of the Mauryan Empire during the reign of Asoka.

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The regular food habits of the people include roti, dal, and vegetable. However, specialty of this city is pani puri which is famously referred as Akola pani puri or paani ke bataashe in Marathi. There are two varieties of pani puri available namely,”dahi pani puri” (curd pani puri) and “spiced pani puri”. It consists of a small, crisp, hollow puri, which is filled with a mixture of flavored water "pani”, tamarind chutney, chaat masala, chilly sauce, boiled potato, chickpeas and onion. The other recipe which is famous in Akola is FOI, a food joint, which specializes in variety of noodles, where people often show interest in visiting FOI outlets.

There are plenty of market places in Akola, filled with a vast variety of cotton fabrics and dress materials. People from nearby localities often travel to Akola to buy these fabrics at a reasonable price. Old cloth market near Subhamdard and Tilak road are popular places for buying cotton fabric. Apart from cotton, one can also find apparel, accessories and other gadgets in these shopping areas.

Though Akola is a mid-town, it is one of the cities which is developing at a fast pace. Word is that, real-estate in Akola is interested in investing towards commercial development such as malls and multiplexes. Akola already beholds six popular movie theaters. However Big Cinemas and Radha Krishna Adlabs, which are located on Murtizapur road and NH6, respectively are very popular and offers entertainment at a very reasonable price.

You have to remove your shoes before entering a shrine.Drinking alcoholic beverages on the premises or speaking in a raised voice is prohibited.Women should always be properly dressed and should cover their head before entering a Sikh gurudwara or a mosque. When you enter a mosque, you are supposed to step right foot first into the courtyard. In some Hindu and Jain temples all leather products like shoes, belts, handbags, camera cases etc. are prohibited.

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