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Alwar is a captivating town in the state of Rajasthan . Steeped in local history, the natural and architectural marvels of this city are alluring to the tourists of the state.Alwar city as it stands now is believed to have been founded in the 11th century by King Alguhraj. The city has always been the seat of power struggle and has witnessed important wars between the Rajputs and the Muslim invaders. The victories of Sultan Balban and Maharana Pratap Singh have been recorded in the annals of the city's golden history. The city is located at a distance of 148 kms from Jaipur the state's capital city which is also the nearest airport.

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Inspite of difficulties in procuring ingredients and storage of cooked food, the state of Rajasthan has been traditionally known for some of the best and most unique varieties of cuisines in India. Thus, even with the kitchens facing acute deficit of fresh water and green, leafy vegetables almost throughout the year, the cooks innovated their ways to produce some of the best snacks available in India – most of which are consumed as a part of staple diet across Rajasthan. Such snacks include Mirch Bada and Bikaner Bhujia.One of the most famous food items originating in Alwar is Kalakand (a type of milk cake) – it is a sweet prepared from a concoction of cottage cheese and sweetened milk in the solidified form.

Buying silver jewellery and handmade Rajasthani items is quiet worthy here in Alwar. You can also buy terracotta statues, carpets, jutis, pottery work specially the water-thin pottery and colourful bangles, which depict the rich culture of Rajasthan. The main shopping areas of Alwar are Hope Circus, Bajaja Bazar, Sarraf Bazar, Mala Khera Bazar and Kedalganj Bazar.Apart from the shopping items, another specialty of Alwar is its delicious, especially the Palang Torh (the milk cake). A visit to Alwar must include a purchase of this mouth-watering delicacy of Alwar. Read on this Alwar shopping guide to explore more about the shopping attractions of this city.

In a city not known for its vibrant nightlife, the theatre makes for an evening out entertainment. One can watch the productions from the theatre and enjoy a night out and about town. This is probably one of the best entertainment options one has in Alwar.Nightclub Alwar is an entertainment venue which usually operates late into the night.Discotheques Alwar are attractive places to be when you want to enjoy with your friends.Find nightclub and Discotheques in Alwar.

Always make bookings in RTDC or Government approved hotels.Vehicles in India are driven on the left side of the road. Be aware of it while walking or driving on the road.Do not forget to carry sun blocks lotions, hats/caps, and goggles as it can get extremely hot in Rajasthan.Consume plenty of food solid food and fruit items as it is important to stay hydrated during hot summer months.Beware of frauds and conmen posing as guides.Footwear is not allowed inside the temples.

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