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Barddhaman district is one of the most resourceful districts of the state of West Bengal. It is quite developed in terms of agriculture and technology. The eastern part comprises of a greater part of alluvial soil due to river Bhaghirathi and is great for agriculture. The western part, Asansol is rich in coal mines and other mineral resources. It is developed industrially and there are many large industries based on steel, cement and iron. Towns like Durgapur, Kulti and Murnur are quite significant. Power plants are located in Dishergarh and Durgapur towns.Barddhaman also known as Burdwan is found in the state of West Bengal. It lies to the center of the state and is the seventh most populous district in India.

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Food is one of the major attractions for tourists visiting the city of Bardhaman. Apart from basic food staples, the speciality of Bardhaman lies in its desserts. Although the whole state of West Bengal is famous for the wide variety of delectable sweets that are made here, people travel from far and wide and specially come to Bardhaman just to savour the local fare of delicious sweetmeats that are available in the city of Bardhaman.This provides us ample evidence about the popularity of these delicious and mouth-watering sweets.

Shopping is a therapy that can cure even the most dejected of mood swings and depressions. And the city of Bardhaman is a shopper’s delight with lots of shops selling branded clothes, shoes and good quality household goods and other necessary items. With an increasing number of development projects being undertaken in the city, Bardhaman is on its way to becoming a progressive city with a large number of modern day facilities being available to its residents. The impact of globalisation has also impacted the city of Bardhaman which has resulted in the easy access to luxury and branded items.

Restaurants in Bardhaman cater to a wide variety of tastes and budgetary requirements and serve different types of cuisines ranging from Indian, Tandoor, South Indian and Mughlai dishes to Chinese, Korean and Tibetan dishes. The delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods served in these restaurants leave you wanting for more and make them worth numerous visits.From high end expensive restaurants to cheap and small hotels on the sides of the roads serving lip-smacking food, Bardhaman has it all that can satisfy a hungry foodie’s cravings. We hope you found the above list helpful in locating the restaurant of your choice.

Though the street food will be extremely alluring, avoid eating anything from the roadside vends. Avoid having sweets from the local market. Rather, purchase all the food items from clean, hygienic premium stores.Though you can dress in accordance with your comfort, avoid wearing skimpy clothes when visiting religious places as well as while traveling in public modes of transport.Avoid venturing alone in night, for safety reasons. However, you can move around in groups.Make sure to check out the safety and security facility available at the hotel before checking in.English can easily be the language of communication in West Bengal with the educated localites.

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