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Bathinda named after the Bhati kings, is one of the oldest cities in Punjab, India and the current administrative headquarters of Bathinda District. It is in northwestern India in the Malwa Region, 225 km west of the capital city of Chandigarh and is the fifth largest city of Punjab. Bathinda is nicknamed the 'City of Lakes', courtesy of the artificial lakes in the city, and was once known as Tabar-e-Hind, meaning the Gateway to India. The first empress of India, Razia Sultan was imprisoned in the Qila Mubarak fort in Bathinda.Bathinda is home to two modern thermal power plants, Guru Nanak Dev Thermal Plant and Guru Hargobind Thermal Plant at Lehra Mohabbat.

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The people of Bathinda are famous for their passion and zest for life. It reflects from their cloths to music and dance to their food. The Bathinda City of Punjab is very famous for its cuisine worldwide. The Punjabi dishes, whether it is Veg or Non-veg are popular in the country and all over the world. The dishes range from simple to complex, the variety of the food is vast. You can eat very simple and classic food from sarson ki sabzi and bajre di roti to royal veg and non-veg biryani. You can find tandoori dishes from this country to America and UK. The food is delicious in taste as well as nutritious for the body which also provides lot of energy to the body. Most of the people prefer non-vegetarian food in the city.

Bathinda also has important markets to cater to the needs of the people within the district and also from the rest of Punjab. There are specific markets in Bathinda selling items like cloths, grains, vegetables and there are also markets that have shops of all types.

Dhabas are one of the most popular places to eat with people of Bathinda. With its simple, rich in taste home-made food and reasonable prices dhabas are popular with all sections of the population. There are many Dhabas in Bathinda which are located in all areas.The non-vegetable dishes include the famous tandoori food and other dishes such as chicken tikka, chicken tandoori, kebabs, kunna Khodsht, biryani etc. These restaurants and hotels also offer lassis and fruit drinks to the guests. For dessert, the restaurants offer Indian sweets such as phirni and jalebis. Ice creams and Falooda is also very popular with the guests.

When you are using the public transport vehicles like autos and taxis, you must never pay any tips for the drivers for short journeys. However, if you plan to go on a long journey, then you can pay anywhere till Rs 100 to the drivers for food and refreshment expenses.Porters may or may not be given tips. Most of the people do not pay the porters anything extra than the agreed amount. However, if you find they have done a good job, you can pay them slightly extra.If you are put up at a guest house or house of your friend or relative and you want to pay some tips for the servant of that house for taking care of your services, then may do so. However, this should be done only after getting permission from your host.

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