Berhampur Travel Guide

Berhampur is the oldest city of Ganjam District in the State of Orissa. It is mainly a trading centre for Southern Orissa having its influence over eight districts. The city was declared as a Municipality in the year 1867. It is the fourth largest city of Orissa with population of 210418 in 1991 & 307792 in 2001. The present population (2009) is estimated to be 0.38 million. It has been declared as a Class-I Town Category as per 2001 Census. Berhampur City is famous for its widespread human resources in extremely important and decision making positions all over the globe. The trading volume is also growing day by day.The name Berhampur is an anglicized form of ‘Brahmapur’ which etymologically means “The Abode of Brahma, the Creator”.

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The cuisine of Berhampur is simple buy delicious. The food pattern followed here is almost similar to the food pattern of the neighboring cities of Odisha. The basic food here is rice which is served with vegetables. Although most people in Berhampur are vegetarians due to their religious culture there are many who relish fish and other sea food including prawns, lobsters and crabs which are found in plenty in the coastline.The sweet delicacies which are prepared with coconut milk and curd are also quite famous here especially for the sweet tooth. The curd which is available here is much creamy and rich flavored which gives it an additional and unique flavor.

Many shops around the Old Bus Stand sell handwoven silk or cotton. If you are in town for a few days, you can get these fabrics fitted and tailored. Make sure you visit a tailor first, and have your measurements taken, so the tailor can tell you how much fabric you should get. Silk sarees, called Brahmapur pata, are famous and the reason Brahmapur is nicknamed "The Silk City". The city is a big market for fruits, especially mangoes when they are in season. Brahmapur is famous for the shops in Bada Bazaar, Annapurna Market and Bhapur Bazaar. There are three relatively large department stores in the city: Vishall's, Kolkata Bazaar and The World.

Being amongst the popular tourist destinations in Odisha, Berhampur caters to all kinds of meals for both the vegetarians as well as the non vegetarians at the restaurants. All variety of food items are available in this beautiful city from traditional food items to popular fast food items which both the residents as well as the tourists can relish. The restaurants in Berhampur are quite hygienic and offer all kinds of tasty food to the locals and the visitors here. It is not possible for the tourists to resist the mouth watering and sensational delicacies found here.

Berhampur is well connected to most of the major cities in India either by road, air or railway. The closest airport is in Bhubaneswar and it well connected by both railways and roadways to Berhampur.To save yourself from the mosquitoes, keep your arms and legs covered. Make sure to carry a mosquito repellant along with you. Diarrhea is a very common problem, especially in tourists. To prevent its occurrence, drink bottled water and avoid eating raw or uncooked food.In India, the sunrays are very harsh. To prevent sunburns, always carry a strong sunscreen with you. Avoid drinking un-pasteurized milk or any product made from it.

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