Bhagalpur Travel Guide

A small hill about 30 km from Bhagalpur is the very same hill which was used for the Sagar Manthan. The marks of the snake around the hill used for mathan can be seen. Foot prints of Lord Vishnu can also be seen on this hill. The most attracting feature of the hill is the lake at its peak. Founded in the latter part of the eight century A.D by Dharmapala, the Buddhist University of Vikramashila is loacted at the famous Patharghat Hill on the right bank of the Ganga, about 38 kilometers to the southeast of Bhagalpur. It was patronized by the Pala Kings who helped the University of Nalanda also. For a number of years, this university was a well known center for Tantricism.

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Sweet items like kheer, sewai, halwa are some of the items that accomplish any special occasion in Bhagalpur. While Kheer is a rice puddlling made by boiling rice with milk and sugar, Sewai is a popular dessert prepared with sewian and milk. Tourists can enjoy popular Indian foods like Mysore dosa, Hyderabadi biriyani, Filter coffee and many more to name right in Bhagalpur with the original taste of these dishes.The varieties of sweet delicacies in Bhagalpur are normally in dry presentation. Just like any other district of Bihar, people in Bhagalpur also love to taste their favorite sweets after having their meals.

When it comes to purchase all kinds of grocery products for the daily kitchen needs, people in Bhagalpur have numerous options of provisional stores. There are various small and big general shops and department stores from where there can easily find essential food products like pulses ,eggs , wheat flour, rice , sugar , butter , vegetable oils as well as toiletries, men’s and ladies perfumes, soaps and shampoos etc.

Tourists visiting Bhagalpur can spend some time at famous nightclubs of the city. There are plenty of options to follow for an enjoyment of nightlife in the city. Tourists need not to be alone there for these places. The majority insomniacs and extra nocturnal beings are there to join at Bhagalpur nightlife. Venues for nightlife are decorated with delicious food, wine, music and other beverages in this district. Below there are some top class nightlife zones in Bhagalpur district where people can go out, eat, enjoy and make a party at night.

Women travelers should avoid wearing tight fitting or revealing clothes, to prevent unwarranted risk.Late night strolls better be avoided, especially when you are alone.Refrain from getting overfriendly with strangers. Do not get too personal with people like taxi drivers, auto drivers, tourist guides, etc. Never consume any eatable offered by strangers. If you accept it as etiquette demands, make you do not eat. Keep all your cash and valuables under lock and key in your hotel room. Avoid carrying and exhibiting them in busy streets. Couples and newly-weds must avoid public display of affection. Follow the tone of the place and go conservative in places where it is required.

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