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Known as the City of Lakes, Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh and is located in the central part of the Indian Subcontinent. The original name of Bhopal was Bhojpal, after the name of the King Bhoj of Paramara dynasty, who founded and ruled that region for a number of years as well as the dam or "pal" constructed during this period.

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Betel leaf or Paan, as it is known in India, is an integral part of Indian culture and society. It is believed that the practice of chewing Paan originated in South East Asian Islands. The preparation of the Betel leaf or Paan acquired different forms and methods in India and besides the Banarasi Paan, it was the Bhopali Paan that conquered the heart of people.

There are many markets and bazaars in Bhopal which make Shopping in Bhopal a treasured and most fun-filled moment of life. In this bustling city, if you are venturing upon shopping then you are sure to make most of your trip to Bhopal. The markets are very colorful and reflect the true spirit of the locals.To make shopping an experience of lifetime, the city offers exciting Bhopal shopping facilities in the Mrignayani Emporium and Handicrafts Emporium.

Bhopal, dotted with ample mosques and enchanting lakes, beguiles tourist with its unique features and magical allure. While on one side of the city you can find jam-packed streets and mosques reflecting the rich Mughal era, the other part of the city carries a whiff of urbanity and is filled with modern shopping centers and buildings.

Prepaid taxis are very conveniently available within the airport. It is around 13 km from the city center.Explore the Old city market (chowk bazaar) and walk around the narrow lanes to take in the feel of the city.

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