Bihar Sharif Travel Guide

Bihar Sharif is located on the banks of Panchanan River and Hiranya Parbat (mountain). The city name owes it to its Budhhist origin, Vihar(meaning Buddhist Monastery). On their travelogue to Nalanda University, Buddhist monks and scholars had a last stop in Vihars here, and City was called Bihar Shree (meaning place of greatest monastery). But city pre-dates Buddha, Lord Mahavir attained his Nirwana (worthy death) at Pawa in Vihar Shree in 527 BCE. The ancient Odantapuri University was established here in 7th century by Pal dynasty king Gopala 1. Acharya Sri Ganga of Vikramashila had been a student here.

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Bihar-sharif is famous for its delicios food. Khajha is famous for here, and Andersa, Tilkut etc. Bihar-sharif is famous for its delicios food.Such as Revri,Tilkut,Anersa and Khaja.First three items are made of til(an oil seed)and last one made by maida.While Revari is available through all seasons, but Anersa and Tilkut are available only seasonaly,usually Anersa in the rauny season and Tilkut in winter season. Thus these food items make til one important constituent of local populace.Bihar style food rice pulse ,sabji chapatti,etc all are available. Special food like Pulaow,Biryani,Kabab etc along with fish and other variety of veg and non-veg preparation are also available.

Nageshwar Mall & Multiplex our First Mall Project, was conceived to tap the tremendous potential that the growing mall culture in the country and specifically in Bihar Sharif offers. Spread over approx 75000 Sq. Ft. areaon Five Floors and located in the heart of Bihar Sharif City. Mall will offer vibrant, upscale, unique shopping , food and entertainment environment. It is expected to how some of the most exciting Indian and International brands under one roof. It will become the most popular shopping destination in Bihar Sharif with a wide variety of retail stores, restaurant, cafes and entertainment facilities.

Like all other cities, even Biharsharif has hordes and hordes of restaurants. But obviously not all of these restaurants offer delicious and tasty food. For cooking delicious food is an art that only few chefs can boost off and not all restaurants are lucky enough to have such proficient and experienced chefs. Keeping this in mind, we’ve complied list of all those restaurants in Biharsharif where only top class chefs and caterers are working. This means here you’ll get to enjoy only delicious and finger licking food.

Biharsharifn clothes are light, comfortable, inexpensive and appropriate to the climate and the need for modesty. I usually wear the three-piece salwar kameez, or Punjabi suit; or a kurtah and trousers when in Biharsharif. But wearing Biharsharifn clothes is a bit controversial among my Biharsharifphile friends. Some say it just draws more unwanted attention; others say it draws respect and protects you. I am in the second camp. I am a big believer in the “when in Rome” philosophy of travel.Carrying a phone is essential for both safety and convenience, I believe, as Biharsharif is a mobile phone obsessed nation.

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