Bijapur Travel Guide

Bijapur is the district headquarters of Bijapur District of Karnataka state. It is also the headquarters for Bijapur Taluka. Bijapur city is well known for its historical monuments of architectural importance built during the rule of the Adil Shahi dynasty. Bijapur is located 530 km northwest of Bangalore and about 550 km inland from Mumbai, and 384 km west of the city of Hyderabad.

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The cuisine of Bijapur is one of the diverse cuisines in India. Restaurants in Bijapur serve dishes from south Karnataka, north Karnataka, and north Indian states. Various vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes are included in the Bijapur cuisine.

Shopping in the markets, streets and shopping centers of Bijapur can said to be addictive. The shopping area of Bijapur city can attract people of diverse tastes, especially those who have the craze of antiques and archeological stuffs. Shopping locations like Ghandi Square (chowk) and Bijapur bazaar are the places where the travelers and natives of Bijapur enjoy the wonderful experience of bargaining and shopping.

Nightlife means entertainment that is available at night. Indian nights have always been young and fun filled. worldwide. The place has always been the biggest attraction for the nightlife lovers. The vibrancy and diversity of the city are reflected by its nightlife. Bijapur is becoming popular for its night clubs, bars, discos and musical concerts. If you are tired and bored after a long hectic day, these spots serve you loads of entertainment, fun and relaxation at the same time. Many bars, discos, clubs and restaurants are open throughout the night and even in the morning for hardcore party animals.

Avoid eating spicy food all at one time soon after you arrive in Bijapur. Take one Indian dish only with each meal and ask the waiter to cut down on the chilies. Within a few days your system will get used to Indian food, one of the most delicious of world cuisine. It is advisable to stick to only cooked foods and to eat fresh fruits whose skin you can peel off or remove.

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