Bikaner Travel Guide

In the north western part of Rajasthan a beautiful city of Bikaner has enlighten complete state with its pleasurable tourist spots. It is the fourth largest city of Rajasthan.

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Dining in Bikaner is always an interesting experience with this region of the country having its own distinct style of cuisine just like any other region. Food in Bikaner and Rajasthan is heavily influenced by factors such as climate and availability of raw ingredients.

Shopping in Bikaner is all about buying the famous leather products made from camel hide, delicately embroidered ‘mojris’ (slip-on shoes), lacquer work, camel and sheep wool carpets and other handicrafts.

The nightlife in Bikaner is one of the main attractions of the city for those out on a Bikaner vacation. If one is planning a tour this place of Rajasthan, do not forget to enjoy the fascinating nightlife of this place.

Rajasthani is spoken by a significant number of permanent residents in Bikaner with the specific dialect known as Marwari. While dialects of Rajasthani differ from region to region, there are common elements between them and hence communication is possible between citizens of different regions.

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