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Chandrapur is a city and a municipal corporation in Chandrapur district in the state of Maharashtra, India. It is also the headquarters of Chandrapur district. As the city has passed the population limit of 3 lakh, with the population of 3.73 lakh as per 2011 census, in a decision made on 20th Oct, 2011 by the state cabinate, Chandrapur municipal council is elevated to the D-grade Municipal Corporation status, along with Latur and Parbhani in the state. The city of Chandrapur has ancient temples of the goddess Mahakali and of Anchaleshwar, a form of the god Shiva. Many cement factories are located in this region. Due to large number of coal mines present around the city, the city is also known as City of Black Gold.

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Most popular Restaurants and Rast food chains in Chandrapur District. List of phone numbers and addresses of best hotels and restaurants located in Chandrapur. Here, you can find and place your favorite hotels contact details available in Chandrapur.

Many people do look for nearby shopping centres. It's not just about shopping. Exploring the different local markets and bazaars makes for an all the more wholesome experience. This also gives you the chance to pick up interesting local souvenirs. List of Top, Biggest Shopping Malls, Centres In Chandrapur given below.

After dark the air is cooler and people get on with their daily activities, so do expect crowds and some attention from the locals. Main focus of the tour is food. Young and old, rich and not so rich, everyone comes together to have a taste of the thrilling nightlife of Chandrapur. You can expect to sample the food from local markets, freshly baked biscuits at Ballimaran and street chai (tea) as you explore the area. Enjoy a night of stimulating dances at one of the discotheques of Chandrapur. They Enjoy wines and bears at one of the numerous bars or clubs in Chandrapur. You can go for a drink or bars and enjoy a good snack. After a good tiring day of activities, nightlife in Chandrapur mainly consists sleeping comfortably.

Chandrapur has some deluxe and medium to budget accommodation options. Siddarth Hotel Near Police Head Quarter, Palace Hotel , Hotel Tristar Inn, Nagpur Road and Kundan Plaza Hotel (Nagpur Road) are the deluxe accommodation options and have all basic facilities like internet, homely food etc. Budget hotels include Ganpati Hotel, Girnar Deluxe Hotel and Ganapathi International Hotel. There are lots of things to do in Chandrapur, travelers can thoroughly enjoy the experience of exploring this destination. If you are travelling for the first time, the Chandrapur travel guide may help resolve most of your queries about Chandrapur. The entire area of the district falls in the Godavari basin.

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