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Welcome to the city of Dewas, which is located in the Malwa plateau and is an old town in Madhya Pradesh. The city is administrative center of the Dewas district. Two theories prevail about the name of the city , one being that Dewas lies on the foot of Chamunda hill on top of which is the shrine of Goddess Chamunda, from which the name is derived Dewas (dev-vas) meaning Devi Vashini or the Goddess residence (abode of the Deity or God).The other theory is that maybe the name was given as a mark of respect to the founder of the village Dewasa Bania. Dewas is a fast-developing industrial town with the government’s bank note press located in the city.

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Dewas City in MP offers a variety of vegetarian & non-vegetarian dishes rich in aroma and taste. The local cuisine of Dewas is cooked in the traditional style which has been passed on through generations and carry the unique flavour of the region. A number of restaurants, bars, eating joints and fast food outlets are present in the Dewas serving good quality & delicious food. The amazing variety and delicious food of Dewas will keep you wanting for more.

Dewas city in Madhya Pradesh State has many local markets, restaurants, hotels and cinema halls attracting the local residents as well as tourists coming from outside. The narrow lanes of the local markets Dewas offer a variety of artefacts and items of daily needs. Many big retail chain stores & malls like Vishal Mega-mart, Maina Shree Complex and Pakiza Mall have also opened up in Dewas offering a huge variety at competitive prices. The shop-keepers are very helpful thus enhancing the shopping experience of customers who flock to the markets.

People in Dewas are fond of eating out, especially on week-ends and on special occasions, a number of restaurants ranging from budget to fine-dining are thus present in the city. A meal with the family or friends in a good restaurant is a favourite past-time of the people of Dewas. The restaurants in Dewas offer delicious food which is served with warmth and hospitality making the whole dining out experience an enriching one. Tourists coming from outside love to relish the local dishes on offer besides the usual fare. Some restaurants in Dewas also offer free home delivery services for the convenience of the local people.

The district administration of any city is committed to provide basic Public Utility Services to the residents of the city like electricity, drinking water & sanitation, transportation, telecommunication, healthcare, banking, safety, postal, etc. For fast development and overall growth of any city an adequate infrastructure is very important. The district administration of Dewas also is making all efforts provide basic utility services so that the people of the city can lead a comfortable life and people coming from outside find a safe & secure environment.

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