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Firozabad is situated in the western part of Uttar Pradesh. It encompasses an area of as registered in the 2011 census. The total population of the district is 2496761.This district has a long history of glass industries and the major products are glass hard ware, glass artware, glass domestic ware, glass automobile ware, chandelier, glass street and domestic light ware etc.Firozabad has been attached to the Indian Freedom Movement and occupies an important place in the map of India.

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Firozabad is equally famous for its vegetarian dishes. Dishes like Dum Bhindi are really innovative yet tasty dishes. This is actually a special preparation which is prepared by marinating okra in yogurt. People can also try multiple dishes which are actually the mixture of Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian dishes. Apart from these, vegetarian dishes like Zamikand ke kebab, dalcha kebab, Kathal ke kebab, vegetarian biriyani are also famous. On your next visit to Firozabad make sure you try all of these to give your taste bud a special treat.

When you visit any place, whether it is for business or pleasure, one of the things which gets priority is the shopping. Every person spare some time for shopping, when he or she is visiting other city for any reason. But, before visiting any city, you should know about the special items for which the city is famous around the country, state or the world. Some cities are famous for their textile material which is manufactured and sent to the other cities. Some are famous for cutlery and jewellery. As it is the city, from where you source that particular item, you can get that item very cheaply when you compare the prices with the prices of your home town.

Traditionally the place is rich with classical art and culture but as the gone passed the taste and the preferences have also changed of the people. Now, in Firozabad the trend of nightlife is very famous. Today, Firozabad also has numerous pubs, night clubs, discotheques, lounges, bars and restaurants. As the whole world is getting wrapped into the wrapper of modernization and commercialization, Firozabad is also not an exception to it. Though the city cannot be considered to possess one of the fastest lifestyles in the country but still with the growing night club culture.

Firozabad is well connected to the rest of India through Roadways, Railways and Airways. Almost all the major cities such as Lucknow, Varanasi, Agra and Kanpur have Airports. These cities are well connected to the rest of India through the service provided by various private and public airlines. The state has a very well defined network of Railways too. Most of the cities fall on the 'Grand Chord' route that is the busiest in India. The state is also well connected to the rest of India through a network of State as well as National Highways.As far as precautionary measures are concerned, don't carry too much of cash with you as you move around in the city. Make yourself comfortable with the plastic money.

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