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Gandhidham is a city and a municipality in the Kutch District of Gujarat state of India. The town was created in the early 1950s for the resettlement of the refugees from Sindh (now in Pakistan) in the aftermath of the partition of India. Gandhidham is an economic capital of Kutch and it is a fast developing city in Gujarat state.Gandhidham city is in India and here you will see the latest map of this city. You can also find the route direction on this page by entering the name of destination and then 'Get Directions' button. The Latitude and Longitude of the city Gandhidham is 23.0833 / 70.1333.Gandhidham, located in the eastern part of Kutch district in the state of Gujarat, is a part of the twin-city of Gandhidham and Adipur.

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Although Gandhidham was initially founded in 1950s for resettlement of Sindhi refugees from Pakistan over the years it has turned into a cosmopolitan city with a mixed population. People from all over the country have settled here. The food in Gandhidham also reflects the city’s mixed culture.Although a large portion of the Sindhi population, who first settled here decades ago, have migrated to other cities a good many of them still live here. Therefore, the food in Gandhidham has a Sindhi touch. In general, the Sindhi food at home consists of phulka and rice, which are accompanied by two dishes.

Mallrats can discover a veritable paradise at the shopping malls in Gandhidham. These swanky uber modern shopping malls around Gandhidham have completely altered the face of shopping in Gandhidham over the past decade. Most of the shopping malls in Gandhidham seem to store everything under the sun and are complete with food courts and cinema halls. So, visit the shopping malls at Gandhidham for a wonderful experience of shopping in Gandhidham.Sun Plaza, Gandhidham is one of the first things that comes to the mind of many people, while discussing Gandhidham. It’s true that there are quite a few other interesting things to see and do too. However, like all other attractions, the Sun Plaza in Gandhidham also has its own brand of unique charm.

Nightclub Gandhidham is an entertainment venue which usually operates late into the night.Discotheques Gandhidham are attractive places to be when you want to enjoy with your friends.Find nightclub and Discotheques in Gandhidham.Gandhidham is not only the commercial capital of Kutch; it is also a paradise for the connoisseur of good food. The city has many restaurants, cafes as well as fast food corners that can even titillate the taste bud of the most orthodox foodie. Those who love to experiment with food would find the place simply amazing. Following are few of the more famous eateries in town.

It is mandatory for people coming from Yellow Fever region to get vaccination for the same and carry vaccination certificate.It is always advisable to consult the doctors for the precautions to be taken before planning a tour keeping in mind the diseases in that area. People with respiratory disorders and dust allergies should take adequate precautions.The foreigners visiting the country should take precautions against Dengue, Malaria, Hepatitis, Cholera and Typhoid. It is not mandatory for the tourists from USA, UK and Canada to carry their vaccination certificate. However, if insisted by the immigration officer one can carry.Hepatitis B is a dreadful disease; it is advised to take vaccination for the same.

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