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Guntur is one of the districts of Andhra Pradesh bounded by Krishna district and Bay of Bengal in the East, while on its south lies Prakasam district, in the west Mahabubnagar district and Krishna and Nalgonda districts in the North. The rivers Krishna, Chandravanka, Naagileru, and Gundla Kamma flow through the district.The major places of the district are Guntur, Bapatla, Tenali, Narasaraopeta and Ponnur. It is spread over an area of 11391 Sq.kms.

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The cuisine in Telangana has two personalities to it. One being a simple and traditional Telugu platter and other an elaborate, spicy and tangy Nawabi cuisine. The area is the largest producer of rice, which naturally, also happens to be a staple ingredient here. Also, though the food is traditionally vegetarian, the areas closer to sea, have seafood as a more staple part of their platters, while, Coconut oil is an essential and distinct ingredient in both. The cuisine of the area is also lined with a variety of pickles with Aavakaya, a mango pickle, being a local favorite. Muruku (a preparation of rice), Appadams, Onion Pakodas, Vadas, Idlis are the highlights of the Telugu cuisine here. So are the sweets like Bandhar Ladoo, Payasam, Sheer

Guntur is situated about 266 kms. from Hyderabad, the capital city of Andhra Pradesh. Guntur is a centre for education, industry, business and agriculture. Did you know which commodities are exported from Guntur? Well, the best quality chillies come from Guntur! Guntur Red Chilli market is the place where you can buy best quality chillies at wholesale rates.

Who doesn't like to watch movies. Yes, you may enjoy Bollywood, Tollywood or even Hollywood movies, but the common point is that for fun and entertainment there is nothing like venturing out of your home with your family and friends and watch not one but two movies.There is no dearth of cinema halls in Guntur. There may not be multiplexes which you enjoy in metros, nevertheless, you can watch your movies in these theatres which are well equipped and comfortable. Let us check out some movie theatres in Guntur.

Prefer carrying traveler's cheques instead of cash. These cheques can be easily exchanged at various money exchangers. Submit your important documents and valuables at the counter of your hotel. Don't leave your personal belongings unattended. Rather than traveling alone, prefer moving in groups.Don't indulge in any illegal stuff like drugs etc, since it is a crime and the guilty will be treated strictly.While visiting religious places, remove your shoes outside and respect the traditions of the place.All general medicines and antibiotics are available at chemist shops throughout the state. While enjoying at beach, take special care of kids and don't let them go deep into the water.

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