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Hyderabad city is the capital city of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh, in the region of Telangana.It lies on the Deccan Plateau, 541 meters (1776 ft) above sea level, over an area of 625 km².The city has an estimated population of around 8 million, making it 4th largest city in India , while the population of the metropolitan area was estimated above 9 million. Religiously and culturally, the city is united with Hindus, Muslims and Christians.Hyderabad city is known for its rich history, food and its multi-lingual culture, both geographically and culturally.Founded in the year 1591 by fifth Qutb Shahi Ruler Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah.

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Hyderabad food is very yummy you will never forget the taste of Hyderabadi dishes. Not only in India but Hyderabad food is very popular all over the world for delicious and mouthwatering dishes.To think of Hyderabad is to recall its rich and incomparable cuisine, its wealth of architecture, its refined traditions of gracious hospitality and an exquisitely cultured way of life.The highlight of the Andhra Pradesh cuisine is the Hyderabadi food. It is famous for its rich and aromatic nature. It's taste is very distinguishable having a liberal use of exotic spices and ghee. The Hyderabadi food uses fresh fruit instead of dried fruits.

Hyderabad shopping markets are a must-visit when here on a vacation! With lots and lots of high-end malls and budget stalls thrown in for the ultimate experience, shopping in Hyderabad is a treat for all. So, snazz up with elegance or style up a street-chic look and walk down Hyderabad’s street. Did people just turn their head? O yes, they did.For those who want it all in one place Hyderabad Shopping Malls are the quickest and easiest way to get things done in one day.In recent years a number of Shopping centres / Malls have sprung up around Hyderabad and offer a combination of local stores and international brand names.

Hyderabad has an energetic and a cosmopolitan nightlife. There are many pubs and bars in Hyderabad that are open till the wee hours. The nightlife offers some popular entertainment with nightclubs, theaters and live music that attracts young adults.Banjara Hills, Begumpet and Somajiguda are always buzzing with excitement.You can sit and listen to the sounds of live entertainment, or dance the night away at one of the hottest clubs. Regardless of your pleasure, you are sure to have the time of your life.

Though there are not many tourist oriented scams in the Hyderabad city, remember that beggars can be an annoyance while you visit certain places. The best way to is to ignore them.The tourists must remember to wear conservative dresses while visiting religious sites and remove shoes and hats before entering a place of worship. While in Hyderabad, travel in groups rather than travelling alone. Though Hyderabad is a safe city, women must preferably avoid travelling alone at night.

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