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Kadapa, popularly known as Cuddaph is an antique city resplendent with architectural marvels and cultural heritage of the yore. Located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, It is a municipal corporation in Rayalseema, a part of the south Andhra Pradesh and is situated at a distance of 412 Kms from south of Hyderabad and is 8 Kms from the River Penna. It is one of the popular tourist destinations in South India. Kadapa is bounded on the three sides by the Nallamala and Palakonda hills. Being the gateway from the west to the holy hill of Tirumala, Kadapa is also known as ‘Gateway’ city to Tirumala.The city derives its name from the Telugu word ‘Gadapa’ that translates into a threshold or a gate. The reason for this name is that the city is consid

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We live in a country of varieties and find the difference in everything including culture, clothing, customs, food etc. People from North India differ entirely from people of South India or East India. For example, people from North Indians prefer to be in style and wear modern dresses while when it comes to attire South Indians prefer more traditional way of wearing lungi for men and sari for women. In the same way, when it comes to food, North Indians prefer wheat based preparations while South Indians prefer rice based preparations. Cuisine of Kadapa is mainly influenced by South Indian preparations having its own different versions of dishes and keeping its identity unique.

Shopping malls have become the most happening places of any city. Most of the times, they fulfill every need of the people. People usually go there to buy all the things related to their daily needs including household items, grocery, electronic items, apparel, furniture, shoes and many more. There are many shopping malls located in the city of Kadapa. Some of them are specialized in apparel business, while some of them are specialized in electronics items. Here are the details of several shopping malls.

As we all know that man is a social animal and he always finds a way to entertain himself in every condition. Kadapa has a rich culture and the arts and crafts of this state depict the passion of its people. The state is full of historical monuments, great mountains, paramount temples and pristine beaches, where one can enjoy and relax fully. Additionally, the state has built some great sources of entertainment. However, as the biggest city of the state used to be Hyderabad before its bifurcation, it is hard to imagine the entertainment options to be of the level of a metropolitan city.

Drink only bottled mineral water. Before buying the bottle, ensure that the seal of the bottle is in place and not tampered with.Do not eat cut fruits or vegetables available at the roadside vends. In order to avoid malaria, dengue, etc, it is better to wear nightclothes that cover your body properly. Remember to carry a mosquito repellent with you at all times.Make sure to carry a first aid kit with you always. It should have all the essential medicines like those for cough, cold, fever, diarrhea, etc, along with some antiseptic creams.Avoid drinking water or eating salads at small restaurants.If you are planning to visit Bangalore in winter, please carry woolen clothing with you.

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