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Kakinada is a Port city and is the headquarters of East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. This is one of the largest tier-2 cities of India. The language preferably spoken by the inhabitants of Kakinada is Telugu. In view of preceding history, Kakinada name used to be "Kakanandivada" and later as Co-Canada and lastly it became Kakinada during the time of independence, 1947. It is illustrious for the existence of Seaport and Hope Island. This port is at a distance of 5 km from Kakinada coast making it as extremely anchorage area. The specific economic zone radically comes into view in Kakinada serving it to grow to a high extent.

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We present here the top Restaurants in Kakinada ordered high to low by popularity. Visit that famous restaurant serving the best food in the city and make your family cherish the quality time. InKakinada.com's Best feature is built on a valid model believing customers LIKES a quality business that eventually stands best.Kakinada is a city famous for its traditional Andhra food which comprises mango pickle, mutton, shrimp, fish, chicken and vegetables. If you are visiting Kakinada, there is no way you can miss the most popular delicacy of the city which is actually a sweet dish called Kakinada Kaaja made from maida flour and sugar syrup.

Shopping Mall in Kakinada. Make it famous in public. Help people find the Popular Shopping Mall providing best services and products to their customers. Top it on the list of Shopping Malls in Kakinada. InKakinada.com's Best feature is built on a valid model believing customers LIKES a quality business that eventually stands best. Supermarkets in Kakinada offer a great variety of products under one roof at reasonable price. Spencer Hyper market, Kakinada main market and Super bazaar complex are the main shopping attractions in Kakinada.

Pubs are a defining feature of nightlife in Kakinada and you will face the problem of plenty. Many of the pubs of Kakinada are done up in amazing themes. These pubs also double up as fabulous places for meeting up with interesting hep people. The pubs are mostly frequented by young working professionals looking for a place to chill out after a hard day at work.Nightclub Kakinada is an entertainment venue which usually operates late into the night.Discotheques Kakinada are attractive places to be when you want to enjoy with your friends.Find nightclub and Discotheques in Kakinada.

To avoid getting sunburns, carry along a good sunscreen, which has a minimum SPF of 30. At beaches, it is advisable to use waterproof sunscreens and reapply it after every two hours. In summers, the sun is usually scorching and it would be good if you use hats and sunglasses in such a situation. The strong sun could leave you dehydrate and making you ill. Thus, make sure to drink lots of water to prevent dehydration.All general medicines and antibiotics are available at chemist shops throughout the state. While enjoying at beach, take special care of kids and don't let them go deep into the water.

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