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Kanchipuram flourished as the capital of the Pallava dynasty. From the 6th to 8th centuries AD, the Pallavas not only built magnificent temples, but also encouraged the tradition of silk weaving and the Bharatanatyam dance.

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If you ever wished to visit a city with only temples and temples around, you should travel to Kanchipuram. Known as the 'city of thousand temples' Kanchipuram located about 70 kms from Chennai, is one of the most sacred Hindu pilgrimage sites in India.

Land of the delicious idli, dosa, sambar and rasam the vegetarian fare here is quite a delight. Tamilian's staple diet is steamed rice along with grains, lentils and vegetables laden with spices for that distinctive taste. A safe bet would be Hotel Sarvana Bhavan and Sarvana Lunch Home on Gandhi Road, which are moderately priced restaurants serving delicious South Indian food, especially dosas, accompanied with quick service. One of the best places in town is the restaurant at the Hotel Baboo Soorya, East Raja St. which serves south as well as north Indian vegetarian food. Visit the Geetham Restaurant with its glass roof top that serves an excellent selection of north Indian and tandoori cuisine.

Kanchipuram is synonymous with silks and silks! The Kanjeevaram saris of Kanchipuram are the finest and the most beautiful in the world. In India they are usually passed on as heirloom from mother to daughter. Kanchipuram has a history of weaving dating back to about 400 years with silk weavers settling in this temple town. Even today there are more than 500 families engaged in the exquisite art of weaving silk. Kanchipuram silks are woven from silk worms bred purely on mulberry. Kanchipuram silks saris are woven using a dazzling array of colorful threads and fine golden thread or zari into alluring patterns depicting traditional temple motifs.

Kanchipuram is one of the first things that comes to the mind of many people, while discussing Kanchipuram. It’s true that there are quite a few other interesting things to see and do too. However, like all other attractions. There are many places to enjoy and rest in peace when sun goes down. In fact, countless visitors just can’t stop gushing about the place. In short, rest assure that a trip to Kanchipuram will leave you with a lifetime of fond memories.

Unfortunately it's hard to find a good map of the town. However, Google Maps is good for orientation and the location of major temples, which is all you really need. Once you know the general direction, you can usually spot temples easily due to their tall stone entry towers (gopuram). Be warned: Kanchipuram's sidewalks are not ideal for walking! Many shops keep their merchandise on their sidewalks for free space, and cars and motorcycles park on the sidewalks as well. You'll often be pushed on to the road itself, where you'll have to negotiate with traffic. As far as weather is concerned, Kanchi isn't as humid as Chennai, so walking isn't as exhausting. But if you're not used to Indian summers, walking can be exhausting.

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