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Korba is a beautiful city and also an industrial area in the Korba district in the newly formed state of Chhattisgarh. It is the power capital in Chhattisgarh state. Korba district is mostly inhabited by the tribals and falls under the Bilaspur division.This particular city is has all the essential raw materials which are needed for power generation and hence is known as the Industrial hub of the state of Chhattisgarh.The district comes under Bilaspur division and is inhabited mainly by tribals including the protected Korwa people (Pahadi Korwa). The indigenous Adivasi of the forest areas live in tandem with the environment and have retained their distinctive cultural characteristics and traditional observances.

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The people and the various tribes of the city of Korba have their own diverse cuisine which is known as the tribal cuisine. It represents the various tribal communities in the city that lay much stress on various vegeterain and non vegetarian dishes. Much like the other cities in the state of Chhattisgarh, the cuisine of Korba is influenced by the traditional cuisines of the neighboring states. The staple diet of the people here constitutes jowar, wheat and maize. Since the state of Chhattisgarh itself is popularly known as the “Rice Bowl of India”, rice is one of the food items that are eaten widely in various ways throughout the region.

shopping in Korba is a very delightful experience. The tribes living here are very skillful and are good in making a wide variety of handicrafts. They make wonderful show pieces, gifts and utility items and sell these at affordable rates. This might also be one of the reasons which attract the tourist towards this city. Some of the popular items sold in this region include bell metal items, cotton fabrics, wrought iron items, stone sculpting, terracotta, and many more.while traveling to Korba one can find many apparel stores dealing with a variety of traditional clothes. These apparel stores become the favorite part of the tour for the tourists who visit here especially for a shopaholic.

For all the foodies who are especially fond of traditional cuisines, the city of Korba is the right place to be in. People from far off cities and places come to Korba city especially to enjoy the mouthwatering delicacies and dishes here. Apart from the traditional Chhattisgarhi cuisine there are various cuisines available throughout the city of Korba. A person visiting and exploring the city can have taste of the various cuisines from some of the good five star Restaurants and also on the other hand they can also eat the street food from the roadside restaurants and dhabas which serve mouthwatering and tempting dishes.

Avoid carrying too much of cash while moving in the city. Keep your wallet in an inner pocket of a jacket or shirt. Avoid keeping it in the rear pocket. ATM networks of major banks can be found at any location within Delhi. So, it better to use plastic money instead of carrying cash all the time. Keep your pocketbooks within the bend of the elbow or wrap it around if the strap is big. Always keep your pocketbooks on your lap while dinning and sitting at a common place. Never open the doors of the hotel room without asking the identity of the person knocking the door. The best person to consult in case you have got lost is the traffic policeman standing at the road intersections. You can also take advice from the PCR vans parked nearby. It

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