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Once the capital of the powerful Zamorins and a prominent trade and commerce centre, Kozhikode was the most important region of Malabar in the days gone by. Today, lush green countrysides, serene beaches, historic sites, wildlife sanutaries, rivers, hills, a unique culture and a warm, friendly ambience make Kozhikode a popular destination.Kozhikode District found a place in the World History with the discovery of Sea Route to India in 1498 by the Portuguese Navigator Vasco Da Gama. Vasco Da Gama landed at the Kappad sea shore with three vessels and 170 men. A monument is constucted here to commemorate the historical landing.Kozhikode is a historical town with a hoary past.

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There have been a larger number of Indian and foreign influences on the food forms available in the Kozhikode streets and bazars. The Malabar cuisine finds its expert exponents in Kozhikode. There have been several influences on the food of Kozhikode. This would include the British, the Chinese, the European and the Arab besides the various Indian influences like the south Indian, the north Indian as also the Gujarati and Jain food preparations.It must be noted that while the traditional recipes and food preparations are delighted in by both the younger and the older generation there is the emergence of the newer tastes and palates among the younger lot.

Shopping in Kozhikode is about buying handicraft items, spices and tea. The clothing industry of Kozhikode offers plethora of options to the buyers.You may like to buy cotton fabrics, silk, velvet of the best quality at reasonable prices. Silky Textiles on S. M. Cross Road is a good option for buying silk. Color Bar, Ladies Park are the other well-known showrooms for textile. For purchasing handloom fabrics, head to Comtrust Store on Town Hall Road.Kozhikode is known as the ‘City of Spices,’ so don’t forget to buy different kinds of spices including pepper, cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. If you wish to avail authentic spices at reasonable rates, then you can buy the same from the gardens.

Sweet Meat Street (S M Street), locally known as ‘mittayitheruvu’ is the busiest street in Kozhikode city of Kerala. In olden times the street was lined with several sweetmeat stalls and hence the name. Today also there are old bakery shops selling the famous ‘Kozhikodan halwa’ and banana chips. For travellers to Kozhikode, this sweet is a not-to-miss experience. Strolling through the buzzing street in the evening is interesting. Parsi Anju Amman Baug, Kerala’s only Parsi fire temple is located in this street.

As Kozhikode is combination of beaches, rivers, forests and also for many religious places ,Visitors should be aware of reservation or booking for hotels and tickets for travelling As beaches are there ,it would be more helpful if visitors carry some lotions like sun screen for sunbath. As many temples and other religious places are there ,visitors should be aware of prohibitions on photography etc.

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