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Kurnool, an administrative unit under the state of Andhra Pradesh is also the largest city in the area and the seventh most populous city in the state. Kurnool had served as the capital city of the state of former Andhra Pradesh from the year 1953 to 1956. The city of Kurnool is located on the southern banks of the river Handri and river Tungabhandra. Kurnool district is the largest district of Seemandhra. It is located at a distance of about 250 km from Hyderabad the capital city. Kurnool has been named as the gateway to Rayalaseema because to reach Kadapa Chittor or Anantapur one has to pass through Kurnool while travelling from Hyderabad.

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The cuisine in Kurnool is largely inspired by the Andhra cuisine. It takes a major part of it from the neighboring Hyderabadi cuisine as well. The food has distinct flavors and aroma. The spices blend well with the vegetables or the meat which results in a delectable dish. Since Andhra Pradesh is one of the leading producers of red chillies, the cuisine of Kurnool is quite spicy. Vegetables and cereal make a staple in many parts, but an increasing number of people are turning towards sea food as well. Culture has a great impact on the food of the region. The area is dominated by variations of Andhra cuisine, but slowly the trend is changing. Today the world has become more aware and advanced.

Kurnool is a fast developing city of the state of Andhra Pradesh. It offers great services to its citizens. There are various restaurants in Kurnool. From regional to international cuisine, one can choose from a wide variety of dishes. The area is known for its spicy Andhra cuisine and there are numerous restaurants that offer the authentic taste of the region. These restaurants offer many vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes that one can choose from.

Good health is an essential feature of any enjoyable trip. One should get his/her body check-up done before beginning any journey. Inspite of the fact that Kurnool has adequate medical services, it is recommended that the travelers bring some basic medicines and the drugs prescription with them. They should make a complete first-aid kit, containing antiseptic ointment, band-aid, along with all general and regular medicines because you might not get the same medicines in India.A vaccination certificate is required from the travelers who are coming from yellow fever affected areas. In such a case, you are also suggested not to visit Kurnool and perhaps ensure a gap of no less than 4 weeks after taking the vaccination.

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