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Latur is a city located in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra. It is also the administrative headquarters of the Latur division and the headquarters of the Latur district and the Latur taluka. Latur is an ancient city with an intriguing historical background. Originally, the city was a native place of the Rashtrakutas. It was developed by a Rashtrakuta King, Amoghvarsha. 'Ganj Golai' is the central place of the city; the plan for the 'Ganj Golai Chowk' was prepared by the famous planner Faiyajuddin. The city had been ruled by several swayers like the Satavahanas, the Sakas, the Yadavs of Deogiri, the Chalukyas, the Delhi Sultans, the Mughals, the Adishahi and the Bahamani rulers of the South India.

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Food Mall Restaurant, Latur is one of the first things that comes to the mind of many people, while discussing Latur. It’s true that there are quite a few other interesting things to see and do too. However, like all other attractions, the Food Mall Restaurant in Latur also has its own brand of unique charm. In fact, countless visitors just can’t stop gushing about the place. In short, rest assure that a trip to Food Mall Restaurant Latur will leave you with a lifetime of fond memories.

Travelers are voting PVR Cinemas Latur, Rama BIG Cinemas and Regal Cinema as the best of 3 nightlife in Latur. There are 3 nightlife in Parbhani a city just 49 km from Latur and 3 nightlife in Beed which is 55 km distant. The most popular of these are BIG Cinemas Priti in Parbhani and Asha Cineplex in Beed. You can find 58 nightlife in Maharashtra and 98 nightlife in the country of India.A little outside the city near MIDC along Barshi Road, PVR Cinemas Latur otherwise is an excellent place to watch movies in Latur, one of the fastest growing urban centres in Maharashtra. A budget brand subsidiary of the conglomerate, PVR Cinemas Latur is featuring 3 screens largely projecting the latest in Bollywood cinema.

Do not eat anything from the roadside vends. The eatables sold there are very likely to cause a stomach infection. Having cut fruits and salads, especially from a local restaurant, is a big no-no. Whenever you eat anything from outside, stick to cooked and fried food as much as possible.Never ever drink water served at the roadside stalls, dhabas and even the local restaurants. Always drink bottled water and when you buy a bottle, make sure that its seal is intact.If you planning to have non-veg in a restaurant, it is advisable to go to a high-end one.In case you are coming in summers, make sure to drink lots of water to make up for the loss of fluids through sweating.

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