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Mirzapur, a quaint city in eastern Uttar Pradesh, is yet to feature on top destinations of India list, but the mountain-rimmed city is soon catching up as a perfect low-budget weekend getaway. The virgin landscapes of Mirzapur aren’t its only asset. The historical ruins contributed by 5000-year-old Palaeolithic culture, Mughal predominance and British autocracy are a thing of wonder.Mirzapur is backed by rich and colourful history that can be traced to 5000 BCE. Evidences of Palaeolithic culture, ancient rocks and paintings of 17000 BCE lay scattered all over this congested district.

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It is wise not to have too much of culinary expectations from Mirzapur. The few number of hotels worth trying out serves mostly Indian and continental dishes. The hotels mostly specialize in Awadhi cuisine that includes different types of kebabs, nahari kulcha, biryani, sheermal, warqi parathas, romali rotis and kormas. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian restaurants are available in the city. The popular vegetarian dishes in the region are dum bhindi, gobi musallam, kadhi chawal, pasanda paneer, baati chokha, chole bature among others.

Shopping in Mirzapur spells as the best of exciting things to do in Mirzapur. Well, there is some truth to it. Exploring the numerous malls, supermarkets, and traditional old bazaars and haats does emerge as one of the good options for fun things to do in Mirzapur. In fact, simply souvenir shopping in Mirzapur is alone a very popular activity. Shopping is misspelled as shoping.Mirzapur is not the ideal place to shop and shopping options are extremely limited. However, if you are keen in buying carpets and different types of brassware, this small town might prove useful.

Mirzapur shares a distinctive north Indian diet. The town having Mughal ancestral root specializes in Awadhi, Mughlai as well as typical cuisines of Uttar Pradesh. Mirzapur, however, is recognized more for its carpet weaving and brasswares than for its delicacies. However, like any part of India, residents of Mirzapur also love their food and indulge in making delicious culinary items inherited from their ancestors. The city offers very limited option of good restaurants. There are no high-end plush hotels and restaurants in the city and all you get is street side stalls or medium ranged hotels that serves average food.

Mirzapur is not famous city but many places are to be visit. One who visit eastern u.p. must visit mirzapur. Famous places are vindhyachal temple , sirsi dam and many water falls.Handrikshaw is the best mode of transport inside the city. Autorikshaw is available for Vindhyachal temple. Mirzapur is a place to watch for its scenic and natural beauty, since it is situated at the feet of. The best season to enjoy it is during monsoon rains (July-August). Private taxis are the best way to visit various water falls which are situated at 15 to 45 kms from City Headquarter. Hire a private taxi from Varanasi or Allahabad. In Mirzapur, it might be a bit difficult to get a private cab/taxi as the sector is not organized that much.

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