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Moradabad widely known as “Peetal Nagri” or “the Brass City”, Moradabad is known worldwide for its high quality brass handicrafts that are exported all over the world particularly in the Europe and the North America. Also known as the “City of Nakshatra”, Moradabad is located in the state of Uttar Pradesh and is situated on the banks of River Ramganga. It is also a Municipal Corporation in Moradabad District. Moradabad Travel guide is incomplete without a mention of its spiritual legacy and rich heritage. Moradabad has also added its name in the field of music by being home to the well-known Tabla player Ahmad Jaan Tharakwa.

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The breakfast at Moradabad consist of a traditional “Moradabadi Dal” followed by “Jalebi”. Moradabadi Dal is a specially cooked moong dal. It is spiced up and served hot. Pour some lemon juice and dried red chili. Go for a bite and you just won’t stop.Enjoy !!! Next up,Jalebi at Ganj. This is unlike delhi as jalebi is served in the evening along with snacks. Just like any place in India, Moradabad has its unique way of spicing up food. For lunch,“Rajma” with a thick hot (spicy) tomato curry. Served with these are some chutney like “Lehsoon”, “Dhaniya” and “Pudina”. Don’t dare to miss “Hing” pickle.

The main market in Moradabad is Peetal Mandi. This otherwise congested alley boasts of hundreds of small and big shops selling copper and bronze. In the starting, you will find smaller shops that sell miniatures and small items as decorative. But if you move a bit deep, you will find numerous big showrooms that have exclusive items on displays.Among the copper items, the most favored ones are utensils. They come in every size and shape and are decorated with beautiful Naqqashi work. Do buy a few that suit your luggage. Another famous items that are on sale are 'Itradan' and 'Ghulabpash' i.e. Perfume Sprayer and Rosewater Sprayer respectively. They come in every size and shapes and are primarily made out of Bronze, an alloy of Copper. These

Nightclub Moradabad is an entertainment venue which usually operates late into the night.Discotheques Moradabad are attractive places to be when you want to enjoy with your friends.

The nearest Domestic Airport from Moradabad is Pantnagar Airport, roughly 85 Kms from Moradabad and is well connected to New Delhi. The nearest International Airport from Moradabad is Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi, 165 Kms from Moradabad city. Frequent Flights to various national and international destinations take off from here.Moradabad has its own Railway Station which lies at the centre of the city and is well connected to many major cities of India like Amroha, Rampur, Meerut, Delhi, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Allahabad, Agra and Dehradun etc.

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