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Pali District is one of the well-known tourist destinations of India. Pali town is the district headquarters of this district. The district covers an area of about 12,387 kilometers.Pali District is surrounded by Nagaur District, Rajsamand District, Jodhpur District, Sirohi District,Udaipur District and Ajmer District .Pali city near Jodhpur, Rajasthan is named after the Paliwal Brahmins. They were once the inhabitants of this area. However the civilization of the ancient Pali city was highly evolved. The land of Pali was leased to the Paliwalis by the then chief of Mandore. Paliwalis were priests formerly.

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The geographical uniqueness of Pali district in Rajasthan with dry climate and deserts makes you an opportunity to enjoy entirely different but delicious food culture here. You can see the effect of fresh green vegetables and scarcity of water in the cooking of people in Pali. Millet, which grows well in the arid conditions, and cow’s milk are the main ingredients of the meals in Pali just like most of the areas of Rajasthan. Sometimes, milk, buttermilk and clarified butter may replace the water in cooking. People here mainly use creepers, bushes or any other plant as vegetables, which the desert environment has offered to them. Melons and the cucumbers are the other vegetables that are grown in plenty here.

No matter whether it is a switch board or an AC, the electronic shops in Pali provides all types of electrical and electronic goods of all famous brands. Here gives the details of some of the popular electronic stores in Pali city.

Pali city of Rajasthan has several pure veg restaurants that serve unique food varieties of Rajasthan at a trendy ambience with ghazal nights and other entertainment options. Most of these restaurants have arranged all facilities like baby high chair seating, good place for kids, outdoor seating and AC etc. Some restaurants also have home delivery service. Here gives the contact details of some of the popular pure veg restaurants in Pali that will relay help you during your visit to this city.

Do not consume any cold (unprepared) food or which has been prepared previously, such as salads, cut fruit, cut vegetables. A big NO to street food. Also do not eat any yogurts or cold milk products unless they are from an established and good quality restaurant. Feel free to eat fruit and vegetables which you peel yourself. Do not drink water from any source unless it is from a sealed water bottle purchased from a reputable shop (and NOT from a street vendor). It is common for street vendors to re-fill discarded water bottles with normal water. Do not consume any ice.You will be walking a lot in the ruins of old temples and forts, and they normally do not have a clean and clear path with upturned stones, and steep narrow and broken steps.

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