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Panipat pronunciation is a historic as well as an ancient city in the Panipat District in Haryana state, India,. Panipat was one of the five cities (prasthas) founded by the Pandava brothers during the times of Mahabharata; its historic name being Paneprastha. Panipat was the scene of three pivotal battles in Indian history.The Panipat city was declared as a District on 1, Jan 1992.Panipat is situated on the banks of the river Yamuna This district is bordered by Karnal , Sonipat , Jind and Kaithal and the state of Uttar Pradesh . It is just 90 kms from the national capital Delhi on National Highway- 1. .Today Panipat is an industrial town and is known for its handloom products. The district headquarter is situated in Panipat town.

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Haryanvis are known for the simplicity in their taste and this is reflected in their food habits which are simple yet mouthwatering. Most of the local cuisine across the state is inspired from typical Punjabi gourmet as Haryana has huge populace of Punjabis residing in the entire state. The eating habits of people in Panipat are also quite varied similar to its culture.Though the city is on the path of modernization, yet it is still affixed to its traditions. As such, the food of Panipat basically comprises of Bajra or Gram flour and loaves made from them. For the foodies, city has trendy restaurants which are hugely complemented by the roadside dhabas of Panipat.

Panipat is also a great handlooms centre. Furnishing fabrics and woollen carpets are a speciality here. You can visit the weaving centres, see craftsmen at work and buy directly from them what is exported to markets around the world. Not surprisingly, you are bound to get a better bargain.With the rapid development of industries in Panipat, the city has undergone tremendous changes in life style also. People of Panipat are now more intended towards shopping at malls where they can buy branded merchandise and enjoy the latest flicks as well. The city has many such shopping malls for its citizens.

The city of Paipat is visited by many business travelers and tourists alike. To serve their food needs along with the locals of city, there are numerous quality restaurants in Panipat. Many of these famous restaurants are located in Model Town area. The popular food joints of Panipat include Grand Plaza, Wah ji Wah Restaurant, Gold Rush, Green Bowl Restaurant, Bikanerwala, Haldiram’s, and Sindhi Punjabi Dhaba. These restaurants offer both vegan and non vegan cuisines to satiate the appetite of avid foodies visiting them.

Avoid consuming unhygienic street food, because it is one of the prominent causes of stomach upset.Always drink packaged drinking water, when you are traveling. Even the water provided by eateries and restaurants might not be filtered.Keep travel sickness pills in your purse, whenever you are on a long distance journey. This is especially applicable when you are traveling to high altitude places.Choose a hygienic eating outlet, especially when you want to relish on non-veg dishes. Avoid dehydration on hot sunny days, by supplying yourself with fluids, such as water and fresh fruit juices. In case of a heat stroke, drink water or lemonade - it would provide immediate relief.

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