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Pondicherry has been derived from the Tamil word Puducheri signifying 'the new settlement'. It was a French settlement that comprised Pondy, Yanam, Karaikal, and Mahe. Amazing is the fact that different districts of Pondicherry fall under different states.

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Being an internationally renowned place for its French legacy, Puducherry provides a great network of roads in all parts of the union territory. There are national highways that run here and join it to other parts of the country. Buses, private vehicles can be found here which are very convenient. There are regular buses that ply from Chennai every half hour.

Pondicherry-cuisine The Union Territory of Pondicherry boasts of a sumptuous cuisine that shows strong French and Tamil influences. But the Pondicherry Cuisine reflects a happy blend of the cuisine of the neighboring Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and Karnataka also.

Shopping in Pondicherry is a true delight since it is an octroi-free destination. Naturally the prices are quite rather cheap whatever you buy here. Pondicherry does not have any local heritage of handicrafts. Now a days Aurobindo Ashram factory in Pondicherry produces many articles, like: candles, incense sticks, paper etc, which have become as much as local specialties.

Puducherry is quiet a place in the night when it comes to parties. There are a few clubs that shut early but others keep you going all night long. The bars, pubs and clubs are quiet happening with good crowd, drinks snacks and music. A few quiet happening places are- Three bar, Seagulls restaurant and more. Perhaps, it's the French history that makes people wonder if there are any pubs in Pondicherry.

Contact your local physician or Travel/Public Health Department for recommendations for vaccinations and malaria meds. (Bring prescriptions for any medicines, including any for contact lenses, eyeglasses.) Don't give money to beggars. It's nice to buy a meal rather than give money especially for children whom may not likely benefit from money given.

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