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The city was one of the main bases of the 17th century great Maratha ruler and warrior Chhatrapati Shivaji. Pune became the seat of Peshwas, under whom Maratha power rose as a major political force. The Peshwas were renowned admirers of art and in their time, enriched the city with temples, gardens and educational institutions. Although, still history plays an important part in the city being a tourist attraction but now more and more people visit Pune for its shopping bonanzas and for the food that is offered here.

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Sorghum and Pearl millet are the main ingredients of traditional Pune food. Specialties include Misal Pav, Puran Poli (a dessert bread), Pithla bhakri, Bhelpuri, and Pav Bhaji.Mastani, a thick milkshake containing dried fruit, is a speciality of the city.Another speciality is Bakarvadi, a crispy snack item. Vada Pav, Misal Pav, Poha, Dabeli, and Bhelpuri are common and famous street foods. Being a Metropolitan city, Pune also boasts a wide variety of restaurants, serving cuisines from all over the world.

Shopping in Pune is an exciting experience for Pune has a large number of shopping malls, shopping complexes and shopping areas that are always flooded by visitors and locals. Be it anytime of the year the shopping malls in Pune are always crowded with people not looking for something specific but anything that they can buy. In my opinion their shopping is more of an impulsive nature. Shopping in Pune has emerged as a favorite Pass-time activity for college goers and young professionals.

Pune, once the sleepy Pensioner’s Paradise, transformed almost overnight into a hip-and-happening hotspot, with a throbbing nightlife. Every Puneite these days seems to be spoilt for choice when it comes to picking a bar or nightclub for some high spirited revelry.Whether it includes chilling with friends over a beer, dancing the night away till your feet hurt, or being a part of a ship or spaceship-like ambience.

The food. Indians are the masters of spices. Unlike the classical European cuisine, which celebrates the finest ingredients, Indians have to make do with what's in stock, which is not always prime. The solution is a blend of spices which over-powers the ingredients and creates a perfect harmony of flavors. And, it's not always hot as hell.According to Lonely Planet from 2002, there are 2.8 million people in Pune. I would assume it's much more now.Change money as soon as you can or get it from an ATM (there are plenty, not all accept all cards). Most places don't take dollars, at least not at a reasonable rate.

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