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Raichur is situated in the eastern part of Karnataka. From the historical perspective, this district is very important. It stretches from 15 degree 09 min-16 degree 34 min North latitude and 75 degree 46 min-77 degree 35 min East longitude. The total area of Raichur is 14,013 sq km. According to the census of 1961, the total population of Raichur is 1961 11,00,895. Raichur is known for producing good quality rice. It has also received acclaim as producer of cotton and oil seeds.Raichur District is an administrative district in the Indian state of Karnataka. Raichur is a City in Raichur District of Karnataka State, India. It belongs to Gulbarga Division .

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Raichur district forms a part of the North Karnataka and being on the boundaries of the state the cuisine of Raichur is influenced by the neighbouring state of Andhra Pradesh. Having been blessed with rich fertile land and flourishing agricultural produce, the food in this region is never going to disappoint you.In case you have never tasted South Indian food, you may start with a typical thali lunch. Oh yes! there is definitely more to South Indian cuisine than just Dosa or Idli. Thali is nothing but a steel plate, although in star hotels you might get the same thali on a bone china plate. Unlike the south of Karnataka where dosas are more common, the cuisine of North Karnataka has a variety of rottis at the disposal of your taste buds.

Well, you are not alone. Many people do look for nearby shopping centres. It's not just about shopping. Exploring the different local markets and bazaars makes for an all the more wholesome experience. This also gives you the chance to pick up interesting local souvenirs. However, it is often not easy to get reliable information on such shopping centres. A random online search often further adds to the confusion. This is the reason ixigo.com offers a comprehensive and concise listing on the various options for shopping around raichur fort , which one may check out very easily.

If it's not the pubs, discotheques and bars then what do the Raichurians do to entertain themselves. It's simple they participate in cultural festivals, relish ghazal nights, dance their heart out in the local dance festivals, take part in drama and theatre and every now and then bear witness to some amazing classical music. When you are in the city try and find out if there's any such event, taking place while you are there. Attending these festivals would leave you with a rich and colourful experience that you can always boast of in your travelogue.

Here in the city, travellers can spend beautiful vacations with their friends and family. There are numbers of famous hotels and resorts which are designed with latest designs that offer high-class facilities and accommodation services to its guest. Hotel Nrupatunga, Hotel Nrupatunga and many others are some famous hotels which provide proper facilities and services to its guest at economical price. Here in the city, there are long list of hotels which are classified into various categories lie low budget hotels, cheap hotels and resorts and you can also find luxurious hotels. You can select your lodging option as per your budget.

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