Rajahmundry Travel Guide

Rajahmundry is a city and a municipal corporation in East Godavari district in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. Located on the holy banks of River Godavari, it is the fifth largest city in Andhra Pradesh. It is known as cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh as it has a rich cultural past with a flourishing present and a promising future. The population is 6,13,347 (agglomeration 7,08,341) (2006 census). Rajamundry is situated on the banks of Godavari River in the east. It is one of the important and largest cities of Andhra Pradesh amongst the cities of east Godhavari district. Earlier it was known as Rajahmahendrapuram. It is the cultural capital of Andhra Pradesh. The place is famous for Vedic culture and intellect.

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The famous cuisine of Andhra Pradesh is Hyderabad Biryani and Andhra thali. The other well known famous food items in Rajahmundry are mango pickles, street corner mirch bhaji and masala chat, Pootarekulu, Pulasa fish, Chakkerakelli Banana, Rasaalu Mango, Kothapalli Kobbari mango, banginapalli mango, etc.Rajahmundry is a coastal city situated on the banks of Godhavari river. The main items of the meals are rice, dal and seafood. There are various dishes prepared using rice and dal. One of the main ingredient of the food is Chili.The vegetables are cooked in gravies using fenugreek seed paste, mustard seed paste, sesame paste, etc.

The City Rajahmundry is also famous for gold and silver markets. The rich quality gold and silver ornament found in Rajahmundry is of 22 - 24 carats. The original stones like Pearls, Rubies, Emeralds, Diamonds etc studded in the gold, silver and platinum jewellery are available in Rajahmundry.

Rajahmundry city exists since 11th century. The city has been ruled by many dynasties with different style of living. The entertainment has been a part of Rajahmundry since the ruling time of kings. Ind ancient times the artists used to perform live on stage with live music. There has been many famous poets like Nannaya from that time. The changed definition of entertainment has changed the ways of getting entertained too. The people who love more social gathering joins some or the other club. This helps people spend time with their friends or family members.There are bars in the city too. But it is difficult to find a separate pub and bars in the city. Yes. one can easily hangout in the bars clubbed with restaurants.

Prefer carrying traveler's cheques instead of cash. These cheques can be easily exchanged at various money exchangers. Submit your important documents and valuables at the counter of your hotel. Don't leave your personal belongings unattended. Rather than traveling alone, prefer moving in groups.Don't indulge in any illegal stuff like drugs etc, since it is a crime and the guilty will be treated strictly.While visiting religious places, remove your shoes outside and respect the traditions of the place.A vaccination certificate is required from the travelers who are coming from yellow fever affected areas.

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