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Ratlam known historically as Ratnapuri, is a city in the northwestern part of the Malwa region in Madhya Pradesh state of central India. The city of Ratlam lies 480 metres above sea level. It is the administrative headquarters of Ratlam district, which was created in 1947 after the independence of India. Ratlam is also very well known for Gold, Ratlami Sev, Ratlami Saari and its people.The well known shrine of Hussain Tekri is situated here.Ratlam was given to Ratan Singh Rathore as a gift by Shah Jahan. Shah Jahan loved watching elephant fights and therefore held an event, choosing his favourite war elephants and inviting all the clans of Rajputana to watch.

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The cuisine of Ratlam has evolved since ages. The dishes can be traced back to some history and have evolved over the years. The cuisines of Ratlam contains elements of Gujarati, Rajasthani and Maharashtrian cuisine. Apart from some minor alterations, the rich taste is still preserved in the domestic kitchens of Ratlam. The people of Ratlam are expert in the preparations of wide variety of dishes. A typical Ratlami meal includes, chapaati(Indian bread), rice, curry, vegetables, daal(pulses) and sweets. Apart from staple foods, Ratlam people are expert in the preparation of multitude of fast foods, snacks and street foods. Poha is popular variety made of rice flakes and usually preferred in breakfast.

Shopping in Ratlam can be a fun for the first time visitors. Visit Kothari Market, Akhanda Gyan Ashram Market, Gulab Market to find and purchase useful household goods and decorative handicraft items. Though Ratlam is comparatively a small town compared to other parts of Madhya Pradesh still it has everything to match the standards of the day. From beautiful apparels to utensils and statues you can buy all and more. No doubt Ratlam city serves as a major commercial center in the district. Apart from famous markets there are many shopping malls including the famous Vishal Mega Mart. Enjoy shopping in the busy yet beautiful city of Ratlam.

Here, it is not just about mentioning the venues for nightlife in Ratlam. Besides the names of Ratlam nightlife venues, you will also get to know things such as timings, food, decor etc. So, all the best with your search for nightlife of Ratlam. So, as long as there is any night life in Ratlam, you will get information on the same. Being a popular tourist place Ratlam has successfully attracted tourists over the years. The city apart from being a famous tourist destination is also known for number of restaurants offering delicious cuisines. These restaurants are known for their delicious traditional cuisines and comfortable settings.

The most important of all the tips is for women. They should avoid wearing tight fitting or revealing clothes, to prevent unwarranted risk. It is always safe to check out anything you want to, during the day. Late night strolls better be avoided, especially when you are alone. Refrain from getting overfriendly with strangers. Do not get too personal with people like taxi drivers, auto drivers, tourist guides, etc. Never consume any eatable offered by strangers. If you accept it as etiquette demands, make sure you throw it afterwards. Keep all your cash and valuables under lock and key in your hotel room. Avoid carrying and exhibiting them in busy streets.

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