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The Rohtak district is positioned at the south east of Haryana. The city is in close proximity to Delhi and is considered under the NCR (National Capital Region). Situated at a distance of 70 Kms from Delhi, the Rohtak city is famous as the political capital of the state of Haryana.Rohtak is rising as an industrial city which has numerous forthcoming small scale and large scale industries. The IMT (Industrial Model Township) in the Rohtak city has been set up by the HSIIDC (Haryana State Industrial & Infrastructure Development Corp.).

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Plenty of lentils (particularly the kidney beans or “Rajma”) - taken with chapattis or rice along with “Ghee”.Bajre(or black millet) ki Khichri”- poriddge made with moong dal and bajra.“Alu ki tikiyas”- prepared with mashed potatoes and spicy lentils are used for stuffing and it is consumed with tamarind (“imli”) chutney .“Lassi”, milk, buttermilk and “Sharbat” are consumed almost daily.There are plenty of fast food restaurants in Rohtak which have gained popularity among the locals as well as the tourists visiting the city. Among the well-known fast food joints located in Rohtak - Nagpal food plaza, Annpurna, Subway and McDonalds are worth mentioning.

Rohtak town is district headquarters and is one amongst the 21 districts of Haryana. It comprises 2 tehsils the Meham tehsil and the Rohtak tehsil. The entire Rohtak district is dominated by the “Jats”. Jats are very simple and straight forward. Their language is a bit rude however they are extremely witty. Agriculture is the main occupation in Rohtak and besides this a minority of workers is also engaged in the household and cottage industries. Buying products from the retail shops is the best option to get your preferred and exclusive array of products.

However, with the passage of time the people of Rohtak have also transformed and have adapted themselves to the modern culture as well. Nowadays, many malls, movie halls, restaurants, clubs and bars have emerged in Rohtak where people can entertain themselves.

It is always better to get some background information on the particular place that you are planning to visit.At first ensure your booking at hotel before arrival.At the time of arrival, make it a point that there is somebody to escort you to your hotel.Be sensitive to Indian culture and show your respect for the same. Do not express affection in public places with the member of opposite sexes and dress up according to the place you visit especially religious one.Foreigners are requested not to feel offended if anybody stares at them as it is just curiosity on their part; in general, Indians are hospitable and friendly.

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