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The city, known as the Heart of Madhya Pradesh, and MADHYA PRADESH itself is the heart of India. So sagar Can be considered as "THE HEART OF INDIA". The Lakha Banjara lake is in the middle of the city and This beautiful city is situated around it. The city is surrounded by a beautiful ring of small mountains. In The rainy season it totally transforms into a GREEN-VALLEY.The region is popular on India's tourism scene, due to its cultural heritage and diversity. Some places of interest in and around Sagar are the Rahatgarh Waterfalls, Garhphra Mountains and Temples, Amritjhira Ashram, Bhimkund, Devalchori hill , Rajghat Dam and Khimlasa Forts.

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On special occasions and on festivals, sweet dishes made of rice, milk and refined sugar or gur are prepared. Luchai made of bread fried in ghee, bari-potato curry are also special preparations along with a variety of sweet dishes. Though, the communities who savour non-vegetarianfood, eat meat and fish sometimes. With the changing times, and the changes in the tastes of the youth, people now like to go out to dine. They like to sample the cuisines of various other countries too like Chinese, Thai, continental and American.The city is riddled with roadside eateries to suit every pocket. They serve chat, sweets, samosas and other rustic indian foods. Bharat Bakery and the Hurry Carry are two famous bakery stores of the town.

Jewelleries are also available here of latest fashion. This jewelry shops on festival occasions offer various discounts. One can shop for clothes and jewelry here on sales and get guarantee worth products. The market offers these products to the tourists at reasonable prices. In festive season the market place gets crowded with all age group, as it is one of the favorite destination for buying good quality products. All famous and popular shops are based in this shopping center. Tourists get traditional handicrafts items in this market area at reasonable prices. Electronics and mobile shops have their outlets in this market area. There are many books stores where students can buy new as well as old books.

If you are in Sagar and looking to enjoy popular cuisines of the region then you may travel down to some of the famous restaurants located in and around this historical city. Believe it the choices available will caught your imagination as here you could find assortment of choices prepared by the skilled cooks using high quality ingredients. There are also street dhabas and small take away centers also where you can enjoy special food of Sagar. Rich Indian food served at reasonable prices is what you can easily get while you visit any restaurant in Sagar.

The most important of all the tips is for women. They should avoid wearing tight fitting or revealing clothes, to prevent unwarranted risk.It is always safe to check out anything you want to, during the day. Late night strolls better be avoided, especially when you are alone.Refrain from getting overfriendly with strangers. Do not get too personal with people like taxi drivers, auto drivers, tourist guides, etc.Never consume any eatable offered by strangers. If you accept it as etiquette demands, make sure you throw it afterwards.Keep all your cash and valuables under lock and key in your hotel room. Avoid carrying and exhibiting them in busy streets.Couples and newly-weds must avoid public display of affection in certain areas.

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