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Siliguri is located in the Darjeeling district of West Bengal between latitude 26° 42' N and Longitude 88°25'E. The city, spread over 48.3 square kilometers, is located on the banks of the Mahananda River, in the foothill of the Himalayan Mountains, in the northern part of the state.The river runs through the center of the city and divides it into two halves. Siliguri has hot summers with average temperature of 35°C and cool winters with temperature of 10°C. In winter the temperature can also touch 2°C. The city gets heavy rain during the monsoon months and sometimes access to the upper regions of the state is cut off.

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Like everything else about this multi-cultural city, the local food in Siliguri shows traces of its diverse population with individual eating habits and preferences. Siliguri has been a focal transit point for all tourists travelling to the hill stations of the north-east. A large number of multicuisine restaurants cater to this daily influx of tourists for their appetite needs with great efficiency. Besides, the street food in Siliguri is a foodie’s delight. It advertises delicacies of the local culture like the signature momos or dumplings indulgently heaped with sauces to your satisfaction.

Having its position at the West Bengal and North East Border, siliguri has the amalgamation of both the cultures. The most preferred item in siliguri is the Darjeeling tea and is also well known for the woolen garments, Tibetan paintings and the handicrafts made of wood. Hill Cart Road is the perfect place for buying these items as well as the Sevoke Road is also suitable. There is another market for the electronic goods, which goes by the name of Hongkong market, which is also quite famous. Most of the gadgets available are quite cheap and lures the tourists to buy many of these items.

The cosmopolitan and commercially prosperous city of Siliguri provides a fitting atmosphere for a full scale entertainment for both tourists and its local population. Reputed as a shopping destination, undoubtedly, the prime attraction of the city lies in its innumerable shopping centres including street shops and shopping malls. In addition, there are quality movie theatres including multiplexes like INOX and Cinemax entertaining the Siliguri residents and tourists with the latest movies and Bollywood blockbusters.

Though you can dress in accordance with your comfort, avoid wearing skimpy clothes when visiting religious places as well as while traveling in public modes of transport.Avoid venturing alone in night, for safety reasons. However, you can move around in groups.Avoid being overfriendly with taxi drivers, tourist guides and other unknown people.Neither should you carry, nor exhibit too much cash or any other valuable items in public.Avoid public displays of affection (PDA), as the people of West Bengal are a bit conservative about such things.Plenty of hotels are available in all the major tourist spots of West Bengal, suiting all budgets and requirements.

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