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Maharashtra Solapur is located at a distance of 456 km from Mumbai in Maharashtra on the banks of river Sina. This place is famous as a Centre for Jains. The city is located on major road and rail routes between Mumbai and Hyderabad, with a branch line to Bijapur and Gadag. Solapur developed as a commercial centre for cotton and other agricultural produce.Solapur is a district in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

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Solapur city of Maharashtra share its boarders with the neighboring states, it has mixed culture of Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. We can see this specialty is reflected in the food culture of Solapur also. Solapur is generally famous for its spicy food and the extensive use of peanuts in their preparations. Chutney made from peanuts, which is called Shenga chutney, spicy mixture of peanuts, red chilli powder salt and other spices accompany many dishes. Crisp jowar bread is a common food in Solapur because jowar is widely cultivated here.

Solapur is a popular business center in Maharashtra state that homes several garment industries, power looms and cotton mills. That is why itself garment shops are a major business here. Solapur towels and chadar have fame even across the world. You can also see numerous garment shops exclusively for men, women and children in the city. Jewellery is the other item that people like to purchase from here. The big and small jewellery shops and showrooms in the city sell traditional and contemporary styles of jewellery.

Do you think Solapur with many pilgrim destinations and sight scene spots is not suitable for an enjoyable nightlife? If yes, you are completely mistaken. There are many top quality bars, pubs and restaurants in the city that provide an thrilling nightlife along with your favorite cuisines and drink. Let us go through some of the most famous nightlife restaurants in Solapur.

You have to remove your shoes before entering a shrine.Drinking alcoholic beverages on the premises or speaking in a raised voice is prohibited.Women should always be properly dressed and should cover their head before entering a Sikh gurudwara or a mosque. When you enter a mosque, you are supposed to step right foot first into the courtyard.In some Hindu and Jain temples all leather products like shoes, belts, handbags, camera cases etc. are prohibited.

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