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Surat is located in the state of Gujarat, which is in the western India, on the bank of the perenial river Tapi which flow into the Arabian ocean, just 16 Kms. from the City. The location of Surat is 21o15'N Latitude and 72o52'E Longitude.

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Surat is a city in Gujarat that was previously called Surya. The city also serves as the administrative capital of the district of Surat. Surat city lies at a distance of 306 kilometers in the southern side of Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat and on the left shore of River Tapti. Surat stands second among the largest cities of Gujarat and eighth among the most populous cities of India. The population of Surat is 4.5 million.

Surat is the second largest city of Indian state of Gujrat. In the past few years, business has grown in an unprecedented manner in Surat. Actually many people have migrated from all over the country in search of livelihood and to lead a healthy life in Surat.As you may know, Surat is a hub of gem stones. It is also estimated that about 90 % of the world's diamonds are cut here, may be more I must say.

SURAT: Amidst the multitude of people, there was a splash of colour as the Flying Ranee chugged into Surat station on Thursday night. Rekha, draped in an orange saree and with loud make-up on her face, alighted from the train. The train has always brought the likes Rekha to Surat from Mumbai. Only now, their numbers have grown. And, they are bolder, more desperate.

The bustling business town of Surat is also home to one of the largest textile mills in India and is famed for its cottons, muslins, silks, and brocades and as a trading centre for spices too. The strategic position of Surat on the west coast of India, its relative proximity to Europe and its prosperity made it a pawn in the game of one up man ship between the various colonial powers in India.

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