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Ujjain was on the trade route joining the north and the south, the east and the west and hence trade and commerce of this area was highly developed, Coins of different regions in the country have been found in and around Ujjain which proves that the traders and pilgrims from all over the world used to visit this ancient holy city situated on the bank of the pious river Shipra ruled by Mahakala the deity of the deities. There are some landmarks in Ujjain that can find place in the world map of tourism and attract thousands of piligrims and tourisits from all over the world every year. Ujjain has been thriving on pilgrims and tourists since ages and it is likely to be so. in future too.

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The cuisine of Ujjain constitutes the conventional Malwa food which is a churn of both Gujarati and Rajasthani cuisine. A distinctive snack is the bhutta ri kees which is prepared by grating corn and cooked in ghee along with milk and flavor. Chakki ri shaag is prepared with wheat dough that is washed in running water, steamed and then cooked in a gravy of curd. The long-established bread of Malwa is called baati or bafla, which is prepared with wheat dough and roasted on cow dung giving it a nice aroma. Baati is enjoyed eaten with dal, while baflas are dished in ghee and then served with daal. The daal-baati, bread soaked in daal is another famous Malwa dish.

Ujjain is an ideal shopping area for those who are keen to buy ethnic handcrafted products. One can also purchase common items such as bed linen and apparels since they are available in more affordable prices than other parts of India. The quality of apparel is also quite good. One can also purchase ethnic ornaments, keepsakes, papier-mache products, bamboo goods and cloths from the regional markets. Besides these, Jain Namkeen and Noorjahan Mehandi are two must buys.

Enjoying a movie at the cinema hall is a most sought for entertainment option in Ujjain where you can find many halls and multiplexes. Cinema presents wholesome amusement for the family. Ujjain houses a handful of Movie theatres to present an entertainment platform for the people of the city.

Before you visit Ujjain be aware of the weather, summers are scorching hot and winters are cold. Ujjain experiences extreme weather conditions of extremely popular summers and chilly cold winters. The summer months (March - June) are unpitying with temperatures arise to a most level of 45°C, related to hot winds, referred to as loo, within the afternoon. The winter months throughout November to February are pleasant and funky in daytime with most temperatures of concerning 20°C. Nights become chilly with a minimum of 3°C. Monsoons throughout June to Sept provide moderate rainfalls.

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