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Ulhasnagar, which is 61 years old, was formed as a colony of migrants, especially Sindhis from West sides of India, during the Partition of India. It is said that around 100,000 Sindhi-speaking refugees were relocated to deserted military camps here from the newly constructed West Pakisthan. Even though they took shelter in Ulhasnagar with a dream of returning to their native land after some days, they had to live the rest of life in this land. Gradually they settled here by constructing homes and establishing business. According to the survey held in 2010, there are around 400,000 Sindhi Hindus are living in Ulhasnagar.

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t is a sad thing that due to the trend of fast food and exposure to other cuisines, the youngsters are detaching from the lovely Sindhi cuisines. The busy professional life and lack of time to prepare food force them to depend on chips, French fries, biscuits and cookies. Instead of home-made Rose Sherbet and Chandan Sherbet, they use mock tails and canned juice. Instead of Mazoon, Khus Khus jo seero, ladoo etc, which are the tradition Sindhi sweets, artificially coloured branded Mithai are given. Even kids like to have packaged junk snacks that replace the place of the good old, Pabhoree, Jamun, Saawa phota, Dhadhri etc.

Ulhasnagar to a shopping hub and business centre from a military camp area in the pre-independence era only with wonder. Sindhis, who migrated to this land from Pakistan, has significant role in the growth of Ulhasnagar in the business field. Even though they came to the city with minimal resources, now most of the small and big shops in Ulhasnagar are under owned by them. It is nothing else but their hard work and talent that made them able to develop this city to a ‘mini-Japan’ during the last five decades.

If you want a good time to relax and enjoy with your friends after a hard day at work, Ulhasnagar is the best place. The city, which is nearer to Mumbai, has the culture of a metropolitan city and people like to enjoy the thrilling nightlife in pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants here with food, drinks, music and dance. Keeping it in mind, many nightlife restaurants in Ulhasnagar offers discounts, offers and voucher coupons to attract more visitors.

Ulhasnagar is famous for the numerous temples that are located in and around the city. These temples have given Ulhasnagar a religious look and they are responsible for bringing in lots of tourists to the city. Some of these temples are: Swami Shanti Prakash Temple, Saint Satram Dham, and Puj Jhulelal Mandir Temple.Ulhasnagar has no airport of its own and people generally use the Mumbai airport whenever the need arises. Best way to reach Ulhasnagar is either by road or by rail. The Shahad and Kalyan stations are located in the proximity of camp one and two while Vithalwadi and Ulhasnagar railway stations are located near the other three camps.

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