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Vasai historically known as Bassein or Baçaim is a historical suburban town north of Mumbai in the Maharashtra state of India. It forms a part of Vasai-Virar city. The Portuguese built Bassein Fort here to strengthen their naval superiority over the Arabian Sea. In the 18th century, the fort was taken over by the Maratha army and fell in 1739 after a three-year-long campaign. The British then took over the territory from the Marathas. Comprising the most populated part of Palghar district. It is a suburb of Mumbai. According to the 2011 census, it is the fifth largest city in Maharashtra. It is located in Palghar district, 50 km north of Mumbai. The city is located on the north bank of Vasai Creek, part of the estuary of the Ulhas River.

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Multi Cuisine restaurants are hugely popular amongst people in Vasia as they make it possible for them to enjoy variety of tastes in their choice of food at a single place. The multi – cuisine restaurants in Vasai offer people variety of food ranging from Italian, Chinese to Indian cuisines. Some of the popular multi – cuisine restaurants located in Vasai are listed under this article. Punjabi food is often heavily spiced and full of tastes. Punjabis are very joyful people and love to eat open hearted. So, most of the Punjabi food is considered unhealthy as it has maximum content of calories and fats. But still there are people for whom there is nothing as tasty as the Punjabi food.

Vasai is a step, prance and jump destination for tourists visiting the city from all around the world. The city can be looked upon as one of the best shopping destinations located in Vasai Taluka. There are two primary sources for shopping; the supermarkets and the departmental stores. Supermarkets are the place to look for something unique and specialized. Shopping in Vasai is a real fun with a number of supermarkets, malls, stores located in the city. All these offer a simple platform to get various household items as well as other necessary products like apparel's, footwear, garments, toys etc at a cheap rate. Mahavir Bazaar is one of the best places to shop for all the homely shopping products.

Vasai nightlife is awesome with enough bars and clubs to satisfy even the most hardened hedonist. Dress codes do apply in Vasai and it pays to make an effort; after all you might well be rubbing shoulders with top Bollywood players. Some clubs operate a couples-only policy (for both members and non-members) and many charge an entrance fee. All the 5-star hotels have bars, where you can drink in air-conditioned and pricey seclusion. The most popular drinks are beer and spirits (particularly whisky) rather than imported wine. Indian wine is readily available and fairly palatable. For listings, check out the fortnightly Time Out magazine and the daily English-language newspaper

Vasai is popular for various tourist attractions such as the Arnala beach, Rajori and the old temple Jivdani. This temple is located on the mountains and can be visited only during night hours. Jivdani Devi is the Goddess who bless our life. The mountain adjacent to the one on which Jivdani temple is located is famous for paragliding where professionals enjoy sky ride. Arnala beach is often visited by people with their family to relax and get them a day out from their normal routine. For this beach, Vasai is also famous as a picnic spot and remains crowded during weekends.

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