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Virar is a suburb of Mumbai, located at the extreme end of Northern side of Mumbai. Virar is only station which isolates Mumbai from Other locations like Vaitarna, Safale, Kelwe, Palghar and Boisar, etc.Extremely famous for Beaches like Arnala & Rajori Beach, Virar is most known for the mountain goddess Jivdani Mata Temple. This Temple in virar is famous all over India worshiping Jivdani Devi (A Goddess Who Bless Our Life), located around 1375 steps above the ground level. Beauty of virar is to be seen from the top of the Mountain. Also Adjacent mountain is famous for Paragliding in virar where professionals enjoy the sky ride on natural greenery on land.

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Indian food not only has non vegetarian dishes but also has a huge variety in vegetarian ones. The vegetarian food served by the restaurants in India is so delicious that you can't keep your fingers away from it. There are number of vegetarian restaurants in Virar that serve a huge variety of food at a reasonable price.South India food is quite hot and is often served with rice. There are a number of rice based dishes in this food such as idli, uttapam etc. Some of the common dishes include dry and curried vegetables which are often served with the meat dishes, poppadums and chutney.

A supermarket which brings all the stuff under one roof is a brilliant concept and has changed the face of shopping in today’s scenario. People today prefer more to visit a supermarket where they can do all the shopping under a single roof. These markets have emerged as a popular shopping plaza in this busy era where people normally don’t have much time to spend on looking for opportunities at different places. Some of the major supermarkets of Virar have been listed under this article.Dattaraya Shopping Centre, Virar is one of the first things that comes to the mind of many people, while discussing Virar. It’s true that there are quite a few other interesting things to see and do too.

Punjabi food is often heavily spiced and full of tastes. Punjabis are very joyful people and love to eat open hearted. So, most of the Punjabi food is considered unhealthy as it has maximum content of calories and fats. But still there are people for whom there is nothing as tasty as the Punjabi food. Multi Cuisine restaurants are hugely popular amongst people as they make it possible for them to enjoy variety of tastes in their choice of food at a single place. The multi – cuisine restaurants in Virar offer people variety of food ranging from Italian, Chinese to Indian cuisines. Some of the popular multi – cuisine restaurants located in Virar are listed under this article.

As a westerner, you will be a target for street beggars, many of whom have physical deformities or carry babies or are accompanied by little children. They may be quite persistent but will go away eventually if you ignore them. Importantly, if you hand out cash, you may find yourself suddenly surrounded/swarmed by many others seeking the same hand out. Moreover, a child receiving a hand out may be beaten and robbed by larger children. Beggars will also approach your car/taxi at stop lights, and tap on the window begging for hand outs. Again, be warned that if you decide to give money, other beggars may surround your vehicle demanding the same.

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