- Bazar of Varanasi

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Exploring the bazaars of Varanasi is undeniably an action-packed activity where you will get to see so many exotic items and are so unique that you will not find them anywhere else. The womenfolk of Banaras wear stunning Banarasi Sarees which are made up of silk and thus silk weaving is emerged as the most distinguished art known to the localities since ages and accordingly becomes the inevitable part of an Indian bride's trousseau. You will also find that the world renowned gold and silver brocades and splendidly worked saris are celebrated to have passed on from one generation to another without falling on its modus operandi and age-old magnetism. More to the point, you can also try your hands in buying striking pieces of copperware, brassware, clay and wooden toys and traditional designs of weighty gold jewelry in Benaras, Uttar Pradesh, India.

The fervor of Varanasi shopping is always experienced matchless. Localities together with foreigners love to shop from the markets of Varanasi city. It is so because they are exposed to numerous appealing items that are intricately prepared but still unearth the same aura and grandeur. These articles or shopping items mainly include musical instruments, famous variety of mangoes such as 'Langda Aam', the hand-knotted carpets of Mirzapur, the 'khatta-meetha' (sweet 'n' sour), and the prominent betel leaf that is well thought-out an area of expertise of this holy city. Benarasi people are known for living their life with full grace by following the same guidelines of traditions told by their ancestors which is why you see most of them in Banarasi market chewing betel leaves which is included in their culture plus they give a warm reception to all their guests by offering them the well-known betel leaves.

The predominant places of tourist interest for shopping in Kashi are Gyan Vapi, Vishwanath Gali, Chowk, Godoulia or Dashswamedh Gali, Thatheri Bazar, 'kamandalam' or brass water pot, Lahurabir, and Golghar. These shopping markets are rich in selling exquisite silks and brocaded fabrics, carpets, wall hangings, shawls, glass beads, bangles; stone inlay work, Zari work, and bangles. Being a shopaholic, shopping in Varanais will truly give you a very rich experience. You can also pay money for buying the idols of your favorite gods and goddesses, and lampshades. While shopping of Banarasi sari in Varanasi, please open your eyes before buying it as there is a huge price difference b/w the original and the imitated one.

Last but not least, you might feel exhausted in the tangled Bazaars of Varanasi while shopping but they have much to offer you. Do not forget to buy the bottled 'Ganga jal' or jerrycans from the river bank as it is considered very holy and believed to get rid you from many skin diseases.

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