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Agartala is a place where one can experience moderate weather all through the year. The place can be visited any time the year but the best season is from September to May. October to March is good for enjoying the cool pleasant weather and the grand festivities. April to July is pleasant and excellent period for sight-seeing excursions. August to February is cool but pleasant, a nice time to enjoy the natural beauties.The city of Agartala is the capital of the state of Tripura. This city is enriched with diverse flora and fauna. Agartala weather is usually of moderate intensity neither very cold and nor very hot. Tripura witness a mild winter during the months of October to January when the temperature may drop to about 10 degrees Celsius. Summer temperature during March to August can go up to 35 degrees Celcius. Best time to visit the beautiful city of Agartala is between the months of October to March.

Agartala has a humid subtropical climate with hot, wet, clammy summers and brief, balmy winters. Summers in the capital are extremely muggy and hot with temperatures zooming up to 330C during extreme summer months of March to June. The city receives rampant rainfall from July to October that intensifies the level of humidity in the region. Winters in the city sets in during mid-October and lasts until February. The temperatures during this time drops down to 180C.This city has a tropical climate. The summers here have a good deal of rainfall, while the winters have very little. This location is classified as Aw by Köppen and Geiger. The temperature here averages 25.5 °C. The rainfall here averages 2146 mm.

The best time to visit Agartala is anytime during the winter months of October to February. As the temperature hits a slump, the natural beauty of the city comes alive. During this season, the city is hoarded with tourists flocking to this place to experience a slice of north-eastern culture. The winter months holds a number of festivities. Since, music and dance is an essential part of the local tribal community here, the celebrations in the region is usually marked by traditional folk dance and songs. Some of the festivals that every tourist should experience during winters are the Orange festival, Diwali and the famous Durga Puja, which is celebrated with grand pageantry of events.

Summer season

The summer season starts from the month of April and lasts till the month of October. The city experiences really long, hot and wet summer. Average temperature ranges between 28 °C to 35°C, depending upon the amount of precipitation. The weather remains generally in Agartala.

Monsoon season

Monsoon season is the best time to witness the natural beauty of the city. Agartala looks beautiful in rains. From the month of August to October, Agartala receives intermittent rainfall .The cool and pleasant weather of the natural surroundings, accentuates the natural essence of the unique place.

Winter season

Winter season starts from mid-November and continues till March. Average temperature remains around around18 °C but sometimes falls down till 10°C.

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