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Knowing about the weather, temperature, climate, rainfall, snowfall, humidity of any place is important since one needs to plan according to how hot or how cold the seasonal temperature is. The temperature in Ajanta today is 32 °C, while humidity is 48 %. Today would be a good day for wearing cotton if you are already there. If you were looking for weather in Ajanta during December, be prepared for maximum and minimum temperatures ranging from 24 to 35 °C and humidity levels of around 48 %. While the Ajanta weather in January will have temperatures ranging from 10.0 to 33.0 °C.The city experiences a moderate climate throughout the year, where neither the summers are scorching hot and nor the winters are freezing cold. Infact, there is never too big a difference between the summer and winter temperatures of the city. Just like the other cities of India, it also experiences three main seasons - summers, winters and monsoons. The summers here last for three to four months i.e. from mid March to mid July. During this time, the average temperature reaches the maximum level of 40 deg C.

The best time to visit Ajanta city is between the months of June and March. Monsoon (June to September) and winter (November to February) seasons are the best time to explore Ajanta Caves, as the weather is pleasant enough during this time.Summer months ranging from March to May are best avoided as the temperature ranges between 37 °C and 21 °C making the weather hot and humid thus making it difficult to explore the caves.Ajanta has a tropical climate. In winter there is much more rainfall in Ajanta than in summer. The Köppen-Geiger climate classification is As . The average annual temperature in Ajanta is 25.7 °C. About 815 mm of precipitation falls annually. From July till September, the monsoon sets in, with the city receiving moderate rainfall. The annual average rainfall received by it amounts to somewhere around 725 mm, with most of it being received in the monsoon season. The winter season in Aurangabad usually stretches on from November till February. During this time, the average temperature hovers somewhere around 24 deg C to 13 deg C. Keeping the weather conditions in mind, one can say that the best time to visit Aurangabad is from October to March, when the weather conditions are at their very best.

(November to February) provide very pleasant climate with minimum touching only down to 10 °C. It is an ideal time for visiting Ajanta and Ellora Caves.During monsoon the Caves are open which is the ideal time for exploring the Caves.

(March to May) are hot with the average temperature ranging between 37 °C and 21 °C and with the maximum soaring to around 42 °C. It becomes a little difficult to walk and explore the Caves during peak summer months especially April and May.

(June to September) provide a relief to the hot climate and most of the rainfalls occur in this season. The Caves are open during monsoons and the period is ideal for exploring the Caves. Monsoon in the city during June to September with heavy rainfalls in this season. During monsoon the Caves are open which is the ideal time for exploring the Caves.

October to March, the climate is pleasant and mostly dry and suitable for exploring the Caves. April and May are hot making it a bit challenging to walk and explore the Caves. While the monsoon months are a good time for visiting the Ajanta and Ellora Caves.

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