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Weather in Khajuraho

Knowing about the weather, temperature, climate, rainfall, snowfall, humidity of any place is important since one needs to plan according to how hot or how cold the seasonal temperature is. Khajuraho is a small village situated in the Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. Creativity spurts out from every single alcove of the region, in the form of its renowned group of temples.
Summer season :

The summers are hot with temperature ranges from 22° to 43°. Khajuraho enjoys typical continental type of climatic conditions. The climate during the summer (April to June) is extremely hot and the sun bakes you mercilessly all throughout the day. The maximum temperature reaches an unbearable height of about 45oC. Nevertheless, there can be drastic fluctuations in day and night temperature levels. The heat gets mild and the mercury level falls to a minimum of 21oC with nightfall.
Monsoon or Rainy season :

Monsoon embarks on the city in the month of July and lasts until September. This period is characterized by heavy rainfall and frequent bouts of drizzle    . Monsoons last for a period of three months. From July to September, the place experiences heavy monsoon showers. The average rainfall is recorded at about 45 inches. The humidity also gets very high, with the frequent spells of drizzle. Though the place blooms with a new vigor, the season is suitable for staying indoors. So, the best time to visit the place is right after the monsoon season or during the winters (october and March).
Winter season :

Winters are marked by quivering cold with temperature dropping to 8°C at times. November, December, January and February are the winter months in Khajuraho. Winters generally last from November to February and typical continental climate is witnessed during these months. The days are comparatively warmer, with the maximum temperature reaching about 32oC. However, the nights can be quite cold and chilly, with the mercury level dipping to as low as 4oC. Winters are generally fog-free and dry. The winter months are also the best time to visit the place, as winter heralds the 7-day long, Dance Festival of Khajuraho.

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