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Cochin is a seaside town just 10 degrees north of the equator. Hence, it is a moderately hot and humid place round the year. Heavy showers with thunder and lightning are experienced between June-September due to the south-west monsoon. The north-west monsoon brings light rainfall during October-December. December to February is comparatively cooler than the rest of the year. The average annual rainfaill is about 350cm, most of which is contributed by the south-west monsoon. During the summer, March-June, the temperature hits a usual high of 35°C (95°F) while the mild winter high is 25°C (77°F). The tempeature range is usually 20°C-35°C (68°F-95°F). Kochi (Cochin) 10 day weather forecast, updated four times a day and shows the weather summary plus detailed sun, rain, snow, wind and temperature. The weather forecast extends out to 10 days showing information for morning, afternoon and overnight.

Kochi or Cochin experiences hot and humid climate throughout the year. The period between June and September invariably experiences heavy monsoon showers because of the southwest monsoon. The northwest monsoon causes drizzle during October to December. The average temperature is between 20°C-35°C. Though one can soak in the beauty of this exotic port city absolutely any time of the year, yet the best time to visit Kochi is said to be between October and April.

Kochi is located on the south-western coastline and this city experiences hot and humid climate for most part of the year. Kochi is one of the most favorable tourist destinations of Kerala.

Winters –October –February –winters are the best time to plan a visit to Kochi. With moderate and cold climatic conditions the city is perfect for touring Kochi and enjoying water sports on its various beaches.

Summers – March – June –summers are warm and begin in the month of March and last until June. The temperature usually fluctuates within 230 C - 310 C thus making surroundings quite warm.

Monsoon –June–September– the city receives abundant showers during these months, which make the use of rain gears essential. On a plus side the scenic beauty of the place, drenched in rains, is worth watching.

You can plan a visit to Kochi during the post monsoon months of October and February. However, the peak season to travel is between October and April, when hot and light drizzles with mild temperature condition could not get more agreeable. Also these months are perfect for outdoor explorations, houseboat vacations, beach activities and exploring in and around the region.The monsoon season is not apt for tourists because you options are limited to visiting the attractions of the city and it would not be great idea to go out as the area receives very heavy rainfall, bringing a halt to normal life, whereas those who love the monsoon showers can enjoy the best during this period.

The sea side city of Cochin experiences heavy monsoons from June to September. Tourist enjoy visiting Cochin during the monsoon months as it is a pleasant experience all together. Monsoons arrive with the advent of the South-West monsoon winds.Heavy rain followed by thunder and lightening are common during the monsoons months in Cochin. The months of October to December gets light showers due to the North-West monsoon winds passing through the place.The average annual rainfall of Cochin is 350 cm and the maximum amount of rainfall are brought by the South-West monsoon. The winds blow moderately through the seaside town but increases slightly during summer months and blows heavily in the monsoons.

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