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Talking about Calcutta weather, since it lies near the sea, the temperature is usually uniform throughout the year. It is good to have an idea about the Calcutta climatic conditions, when you are planning a tour.

Kolkatta has a subtropical climate which to a certain extent is influenced by its proximity to the Bay of Bengal. Weather in Kolkata features scorching hot and humid summers, a rainy season and a cool, dry winter. Kolkatta's three seasons are: summer (March to June), monsoon season (mid-June to September) and winter (October to February). Kolkata weather sees summer temperatures of around 34 °C which can rise to 40 °C in May. During December or January temperatures drop to a very pleasant 12 °C.

Here are given some fast facts about the weather & climate of Kolkata:


During Summer Kolkata remains hot and humid with the average high of 35°C. On the other hand the low, especially in nighttime, stands at mid twenties. May is considered as the hottest month of the year when the average high climbs to 40°C while April remains sunniest with 235 hours of sunshine. Throughout this season the city receives very poor level of rainfall.

The summers are quite hot in Kolkata, the temperature reaching the maximum of 41°C in the month of May. From March to June it is summer in Kolkata. The southwesterly monsoon winds flow during summer in Kolkata. Humidity is high during summer. Sometimes a bit of shower takes places in summer accompanied by dusty violent winds, which are called 'Kal Baishakhi' by the local people.

Monsoon season

June till September Kolkata goes to a monsoon season. July is the wettest month of the year when it receives around 425mm of precipitation. Moreover, the month witnesses only 92 hours of sunshine. Throughout the monsoon months the average high stands at 32°C while the low falls to 24°C.

The period between June to September is the monsoon season in Kolkata. Kolkata experiences heavy rains during the monsoons. Monsoon is influenced by the southeast monsoon winds. The average annual rainfall is about 1582 mm. The downpour is the maximum in the month of August.


Winter, from December till February, enjoys much pleasant weather. The average high falls dramatically and stands at 25°C while the low fluctuate between 12-15°C. January is the coldest month with the average low of 12°C. The period receives around seven hours of sunshine per day. Moreover, during this season the city receives a little rainfall which makes the daytime more enjoyable. It is the best time to visit Kolkata.
Kolkata, the city located in the eastern part of India has a sub-tropical climate. It is situated on the Gangetic delta and is very close to the Bay of Bengal. As such the Kolkata weather is heavily influenced by the sea. Kolkata experiences three major seasons of summer, monsoon and winter.

he weather during the winter is very favorable in Kolkata. December to February is the winter season in Kolkata. The early mornings are foggy here. The temperature varies between 12°C to14°C and does not go below 10°C.

It is during this time that would be the best choice to plan for this city as the humidity is low and the weather is pleasurable. So planning for the 'city of joy' is really a joyful experience during the winter season.

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